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To learn powers, you first pay to open the form, then to open each power you thus gained access to. This is to discourage but not prohibit cherry-picking.

Technique Table

Technique Skill Description
Blast Shoot Uses the form to attack at range or over an area.
Detect Spot Detects or analyzes the form, or uses the form to gather information in some way.
Dispel Know Destroys, dispels, or modifies the form. This is generally not simple disintegration, but more subtle.
Emote Charm Impose moods associated with the form on creatures.
Imbue Melee Imbues creatures with the form, which generally gives them some new melee attacks or maneuvers but is not a shape change.
Move Ride Move the from about, or use the form to move.
Shapeshift Maneuver Changes creatures into something of the form, wholly or partially.
Summon Impress Summons and controls creatures related to the form.
Transmute Create Conjures or transforms objects tied to the form.


These are the substances or subjects you can work magic upon. Each form is learned as a separate schtick. This lets you learn powers related to the form, and gives access to a cantrip.


A minor power of each Form, allowing small tricks and useful for creating atmosphere. Cantrips have less power than powers or schticks but are flexible. The tasks given in the description of each cantrip is only a start, but all cantrips require skill rolls to a cheive. Sometimes a cantrip can act as an enabler for a stunt, but such stunts should always be inside the scope of the normal Stunt Rules.

Groups of Forms

For convenience, forms have been grouped from the most basic and elemental to the most esoteric and mysterious. Many Traditions put great stock in this order, considering certain forms more noble than others, but it is really mostly a matter of convenience. Forms early in the list tend to have simpler powers that are more direct and easy to use, but no more powerful or of more utility.


These are the basic building-blocks of the material world.

Air - Earth - Fire - Water


These are shapes and variants that the elements can take.

Animal - Plant - Metal - Ice - Illusion


These are moral aspects of reality.

Darkness - Flux - Order - Light


These are metaforms for the four power origins; many of the powers here are specialized against one origin or affect the powers of one origin only.

Chi - Gifts - Magic - Psi - Spiritual - Technology


These are mystic essences that imbue existence but are hard to observe or quantify.

Death - Force - Life - Mind - Time - Space

Technique - Form Table

This table shows all the Form - Technique combinations and links to the template page of each. This is where the actual power descriptions are written down and edited. It is generally easier to read the descriptions of the respective Forms and Techniques on their own pages, where all the powers are gathered together.

Blast Detect Dispel Emote Imbue Move Shapeshift Summon Transmute
Air Blast Air Detect Air Dispel Air Emote Air Imbue Air Move Air Shapeshift Air Summon Air Transmute Air
Earth Blast Earth Detect Earth Dispel Earth Emote Earth Imbue Earth Move Earth Shapeshift Earth Summon Earth Transmute Earth
Fire Blast Fire Detect Fire Dispel Fire Emote Fire Imbue Fire Move Fire Shapeshift Fire Summon Fire Transmute Fire
Water Blast Water Detect Water Dispel Water Emote Water Imbue Water Move Water Shapeshift Water Summon Water Transmute Water
Animal Blast Animal Detect Animal Dispel Animal Emote Animal Imbue Animal Move Animal Shapeshift Animal Summon Animal Transmute Animal
Plant Blast Plant Detect Plant Dispel Plant Emote Plant Imbue Plant Move Plant Shapeshift Plant Summon Plant Transmute Plant
Metal Blast Metal Detect Metal Dispel Metal Emote Metal Imbue Metal Move Metal Shapeshift Metal Summon Metal Transmute Metal
Ice Blast Ice Detect Ice Dispel Ice Emote Ice Imbue Ice Move Ice Shapeshift Ice Summon Ice Transmute Ice
Illusion Blast Illusion Detect Illusion Dispel Illusion Emote Illusion Imbue Illusion Move Illusion Shapeshift Illusion Summon Illusion Transmute Illusion
Dark Blast Dark Detect Dark Dispel Dark Emote Dark Imbue Dark Move Dark Shapeshift Dark Summon Dark Transmute Dark
Flux Blast Flux Detect Flux Dispel Flux Emote Flux Imbue Flux Move Flux Shapeshift Flux Summon Flux Transmute Flux
Order Blast Order Detect Order Dispel Order Emote Order Imbue Order Move Order Shapeshift Order Summon Order Transmute Order
Light Blast Light Detect Light Dispel Light Emote Light Imbue Light Move Light Shapeshift Light Summon Light Transmute Light
Chi Blast Chi Detect Chi Dispel Chi Emote Chi Imbue Chi Move Chi Shapeshift Chi Summon Chi Transmute Chi
Gifts Blast Gifts Detect Gifts Dispel Gifts Emote Gifts Imbue Gifts Move Gifts Shapeshift Gifts Summon Gifts Transmute Gifts
Magic Blast Magic Detect Magic Dispel Magic Emote Magic Imbue Magic Move Magic Shapeshift Magic Summon Magic Transmute Magic
Psi Blast Psi Detect Psi Dispel Psi Emote Psi Imbue Psi Move Psi Shapeshift Psi Summon Psi Transmute Psi
Spiritual Blast Spiritual Detect Spiritual Dispel Spiritual Emote Spiritual Imbue Spiritual Move Spiritual Shapeshift Spiritual Summon Spiritual Transmute Spiritual
Tech Blast Tech Detect Tech Dispel Tech Emote Tech Imbue Tech Move Tech Shapeshift Tech Summon Tech Transmute Tech
Death Blast Death Detect Death Dispel Death Emote Death Imbue Death Move Death Shapeshift Death Summon Death Transmute Death
Force Blast Force Detect Force Dispel Force Emote Force Imbue Force Move Force Shapeshift Force Summon Force Transmute Force
Life Blast Life Detect Life Dispel Life Emote Life Imbue Life Move Life Shapeshift Life Summon Life Transmute Life
Mind Blast Mind Detect Mind Dispel Mind Emote Mind Imbue Mind Move Mind Shapeshift Mind Summon Mind Transmute Mind
Time Blast Time Detect Time Dispel Time Emote Time Imbue Time Move Time Shapeshift Time Summon Time Transmute Time
Space Blast Space Detect Space Dispel Space Emote Space Imbue Space Move Space Shapeshift Space Summon Space Transmute Space