Shapeshift Tech (Action Powers)

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Templates for Action

Balance Wires

Trigger Action

Cybernetic enhancements for the inner ear and enhanced neural receptors for spatial awareness give you the ability to dance on razor wires. Free Running and Fly stunts are Routine for you.

Cyborg Assimilation

Limit Break

You assume the form of another creature decided when you gain the power. You must have created a variant form for yourself using your normal points and limits. If you do not have such a creature description ready, you cannot use this power. This creature cannot have higher value in any particular skill than you do. You can add powers of the same form the creature has and keep schticks and powers you already have, but you cannot otherwise add powers or schticks. This power cannot be used to imitate a specific individual; you remain yourself in mannerisms and detail while changing race, species, and creature type.

You remain in this form for a scene or until you fall asleep or unconscious or will yourself back to your normal form (a Basic Action). You can learn this power several times to learn to transform into several different creatures.

You can only assume the form on a Robot with this version of the power.



Hardwiring is a neural override that takes over your body and allows you to use your Maneuver skill as if it was Melee. At the end of a combat scene when you used this, this inflicts a Hit on you due to strain.

Physical Skill Processor


You have a computer connected to your brain that can run PSPs, programs that give you access to skills and abilities you normally lack. You run a PSP by activating this stance and selecting a certain stunt; you can now use this stunt using Maneuver. The PSP only applies to physical skills: Dodge, Melee, Recon, Ride, and Shoot. You can run several skillsofts at once by activating this power several times; each time costs a shot and allows you to select another specific stunt.

Prosthetic Limb

Basic Action

You have an artificial limb of great strength. This can be either an arm, two legs, or some smaller body part such as a hand, jaws, or similar. When you concentrate in the use of this limb, you are very strong, with a Body equal to your Maneuver skill. This is great for specific tasks such as breaking down doors, bending iron bars, hanging on to the outside of moving vehicles and so on. For a limb that can do damage on this scale, select Cybernetic Pile-driver.