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Airy Water

Basic Action

You create a bubble with a diameter equal to your Ride that has the properties of both air and water. Any air or water in the bubble is affected, solid material, vacuum or other substances that are not air or liquid cannot be affected. Both air-breathers and water-breathers can breathe in the area, and both swim, fly, and walk movement is unhindered. Both air and water vehicles can travel in the area. Stunts and attacks that would function in either air or water function in the area. The bubble lasts as long as you remain inside it, or for one scene if you leave. You can center the bubble on a creature, object, or location. The GM is the sole arbiter of what this does to gasses that are not air or to liquids that are not water.



Select a water vehicle or swimming creature you touch; its Move is increased by +2 when in water. You need not continue to touch it to maintain the stance.

Floating Reservoir

Limit Break

You can collect and move a reservoir of water drawn from the surroundings. The collection of water is normally instant, but dries out the environment and might deplete the water table. In arid locales, you only get a fraction of the water you'd normally collect. The largest reservoir possible is a sphere with a diameter equal to your Mind, but you can choose to make it smaller and take any shape as long as no two points of it are more than your Mind meters apart.

The Floating Reservoir has a Body equal to your Ride plus your Mind, a Move of 2 and carries things like a creature of this strength. If you ride in the reservoir it works like a vehicle or it can follow a simple navigational directions. You can dispel it as a Limit Break and it falls apart if you create a new one. It will slowly evaporate over time if not replenished.

Ranged Attacks are deflected when passing through the walls of the reservoir but can certainly harm the Floating Reservoir itself.

Underwater, this power can be used to create a similar large bubble of self-replenishing air or to lift heavy objects.

Water Jet

Basic Action

This is intended as a travel power useful in chase scenes and somewhat impractical for ordinary adventuring.

While in or on water, substitute your Move with your Ride. You can move your Ride in a straight line as a basic action. You can use this speed as part of a chase.

Water Rider

Basic Action

You carry an aura of impeding water along with you until the end of the next round. Creatures within Ride meters and to all who can see you. Creatures in this area are burdened as if carrying a heavy load through water. Any Free Running or Terrain Driving stunt in the area is Stymied.


Limit Break

You can create and purify water. The difficulty depends on how alien the area is to water; from as high as 20 in the deep desert to 15 in arid conditions, 10 in temperate but dry areas, 5 in tropical or humid areas and zero in swamps or near bodies of water. Success creates a flow of water that lasts for the rest of the scene.

This can be a wellspring of drinkable, fresh water. Depending on the outcome this can be a trickle (zero outcome) or stream (10), but in either case it is sufficient to replenish water supplies over time.

Or you can make a flood of impure water that is no good for drinking, but which can nurture plants and which makes the nearby area (diameter of 10 meters per point of outcome) slippery, muddy and waterlogged. This creates Difficult ground with a difficulty up to your Ride.