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Blight Rider

You spread a strong smell of rot and decay. Creatures within Ride meters or who can see you have their senses filled with this rot. Any attempt to recover, heal, or doctor has a minimum difficulty equal to your Ride. Any use of the perception element of a skill also has a minimum difficulty equal to your Ride. Creatures in the area must satisfy the normal requirements to Sneak, but they can use your Ride for Sneak checks.

Forest Shortcut

Limit Break

You can teleport a number of creatures willing to follow your directions equal to your Mind from one forest location to another. You must guide the travels of this group, either by accompanying them or by giving them travel directions to follow. Both the start and end of the teleport must not observed by any intelligent creature that are not among those teleported. You need not know of an empty forest location to teleport to; just specify where you want to go, and the power picks a suitable location near your destination. The teleport is subtle, targets will often be surprised that they arrived so soon. Ride can detect that something odd happened.

Plant Walk

Limit Break

You step into one plant, which must be large enough for you to step into it's trunk or other solid part. You then exit through another plant of the same kind and sufficient size anywhere. Distance is not a factor, and the destination can even be on another plane. You need not know of the destination plant, the power will find the closest suitable plant to where you want to go. If there are no suitable plants on the same plane of existence as the destination, the power fails.

Wooden Horse

Basic Action

You can take a wooden object of a size appropriate for you to ride, and use it as a mount. This mount has Body, Reflexes and Speed equal to your Mind or your value in the attribute in question, whichever is higher, and a Dodge and Maneuver skill equal to your Ride. It has Toughness equal to its Body +3. It can be attacked and is an unnamed creature. The mount returns to being an object when you dismount but is otherwise tireless. You can create a wooden horse for another rider, using your Mind but that creature's value in the other attributes and Ride skill.