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Cargo Teleport

Limit Break

You can Teleport a large mass of inanimate matter that you touch. The mass is limited by your Ride

The difficulty depends on mass and cover, and the check is modified by range. For mass, read on weight of the load on the Body and Mass table. If you teleport the cargo to a bound Teleport Circle ignore range and cover. If you have this power and use another Teleports power to teleport yourself, you can bring cargo along when you do.

Distort Space

Limit Break

You can either compress or stretch space. The effect can be lasting, but only affects a rather small area or a certain path between two places. It is generally wise to remove such an effect when no longer needed, as it can cause all kinds of problems.

When you compress space, you make travel times shorter without actually changing speed. Instead you make the distance to be traveled shorter. This change applies to anyone traveling that same road at the same time, so it can potentially affect a large number of travelers in a caravan. Add your Mind to the Move of those using the compressed space. In combat, this effect lasts for a scene and affects a number of creatures equal to your Reflexes.

When you stretch distance in an area, you make any path traced through this area longer. You affect a real-world area with a diameter up to your Ride skill. All distances in this area is multiplied by your Mind, making ranges longer and movement slower. The actual size of objects, creatures, and terrain features is not affected, only distances to be crossed.

This power can also be used to make places that are larger on the inside than on the outside, multiplying the available area inside a building by your Mind. This is mostly used on tents or buildings, but can also work on natural caves and similar enclosed spaces as long as the total (original) area is no larger than your Ride in meters along any one dimension.

Remote Sense

Limit Break

You can create a limited teleportation portal at any spot you like - the range is unlimited but you must know the spatial coordinates. This portal only transmits sensory input, but does not allow anyone to step through or affect the world on the other side in any way. You can use all your senses this way, and sensory powers as well. You can speak trough the remote sensory point, but you cannot move it. You cannot use this to help a teleport.

You can scry on those at the chosen position. To gain information this way you make an opposed check against the targets' Recon. You gain valuable information based on the outcome of this roll; if the outcome matches the target's Mind you gain clear and important insights into the target's activities. On a failed roll, you learn obvious details and trivia; if the negative Outcome matches your Mind you learn misleading information or the target notices your spying.


Basic Action

This allows you to Teleport yourself to or from a safe extra-dimensional area, your Sanctum. The real-world opening of the Sanctum is always at your physical location, unless you are inside it, in which case it is at your last location in the physical world.

The Sanctum is a private extra-dimensional space. Each time you use this power, you end up in the same space. The space has a diameter equal to your Mind and you control its shape and appearance, furnishing it as you see fit. The sanctum provides ample food and drink for all creatures within. It is considered its own dimension which makes other kinds of teleportation difficult. Teleport Circles cannot exist in the Sanctum.

It is possible for others to enter and exit on their own, but the entrance is hard to find from the outside; even when looking in the right spot it still takes a Examine stunt against your Create to find it, and only the finder can enter. Anyone inside that is not restrained can leave the Sanctum as a Basic Action. When you are inside, you can evict a creature as a Basic Action with an opposed Create roll.

You can store things in the Sanctum, finding something in the Sanctum is at least a Basic action, more commonly it takes minutes. This is in addition to the time it takes to teleport in and out. Using this as a large auxiliary cargo space is discouraged - you have to be your own bearer, and it can make the Sanctum's entrance easier to find and marks you as someone very much worth robbing. Finally, something might slip out of a full Sanctum on a Setback.

Sanctum Invitation

Limit Break

This allows you to Teleport up to your Mind willing (or helpless) creatures to a safe area - your Sanctum. You do not need to know the Sanctum power, but this power is obviously less practical that using the Sanctum power itself when teleporting only yourself.


Limit Break

You can disappear, only to appear moments later in another location. You teleport on the same plane of existence, to a bound Teleport Circle or to an open space under the open sky whose location you are aware of, with no intelligent creatures within a hundred meters or so.


Limit Break

You set up a magical portal, trough which anyone can teleport. Choose two locations on the same plane of existence that you you have bound Teleport Circle; you must be at one of them when you use this power. A portal appears in each location, enabling travel in either direction. The portal lasts until you move more than Mind meters away.