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Reflexes is a measure of speed, coordination, agility, and strength compared to weight. High Reflexes means you carry yourself quickly and gracefully; you are not hindered by your bulk.

The most important use of Reflexes is in Initiative. It is also used as the default value for some Skills and to see how much Outcome is needed to get a Setback result on a stunt against these skills.

Reflexes has some effect on movement; the more actions you have, the further you can move in a round, but Move really is the attribute for movement speed.



Limit Break

You can try to slip out of ropes, manacles or other restraints, as well as openings to small for you to ordinarily move through. The difficulty depends on the mode of restraint used. Regardless of the method employed, the minimum difficulty is the binder's Melee skill. Certain methods of restraint have other set difficulties.

Restraint Difficulty
Simple handcuffs, hole wider than your shoulders but too narrow to crawl. 6
Manacles, hole as wide as your hips but not your shoulders. 9
Straightjacket, foot cuffs, hole as wide as your head but not your hips 12
Bonds custom-made for you 15 or Create

The Escape artist schtick lets you use your Maneuver instead of your Reflexes for these rolls.


Act Now

Trigger Action

Trigger: Somebody finished their action. If you have yet to take your first action this round, you can spend three shots (in addition to 1 shot to trigger) to take your first action right now. If more than one character takes this action they act in order of current highest shot. This schtick can only be used once per round.



You are a physical paragon and well beyond the norm of your people, which shows in your appearance and mannerisms. Your Reflexes can be up to two points higher than the normal racial maximum.

Super Reflexes


You can freely exceed the normal Reflexes limit based on your race. This schtick is considered a Power even tough it lacks a Form. To take it, you have to have a Tradition, and if the Methods of your tradition or a Power Loss Limitation makes you lose your powers, your attribute is reduced to the normal maximum value until your powers return. Note that this is mainly a problem for Folk - other creatures do not have ability maximums.

Quicker than the Eye


If your Reflexes are higher than your opponent's, you can use this to gain a +3 bonus to any skill used as a defense value. As normal, you do this after you know whether the opponent's action succeed.