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Amplify Light


You can amplify trace amounts of light. This lets you see normally in anything but complete darkness. It is still possible to sneak on you; there are still shadows and darker areas, but you are not impaired by lack of ambient light.

Analyze Technology

Basic Action

You can sense the presence of powers at a distance. Make a skill roll and multiply the result by 10; this is the range in meters. Normally, you detect any type of power, but by concentrating on a particular type (name, form, or general description) you can eliminate all others.

You can analyze the properties of any power within reach, even if it is inside a container or otherwise separated from you. You learn what power it is, who used it, when, to what effect, and an approximate power level. Even powers that have ended leave a signature that can be analyzed, though the impressions fade; after the end of the scene, it is no longer possible to determine who used the power and its exact effect. The signature fades completely in a matter of days or weeks, stronger and more dramatic uses leaving stronger impressions.

This is a meta-power that affects other powers. In some campaign worlds there is a strong Origin Divide among different origins. Check with your GM regarding your campaign. Origins that are opposed cannot cannot be modified by meta-powers; it is as if powers from the opposing origin was actually a schtick rather than a power.

Camera Capture

Basic Action or Limit Break

You can see trough any tv camera. You must either know the camera is there, or focus on a location to see trough the closest camera. Scrying at one specific location is a Basic Action; looking around to find something takes a Limit Break. Range is irrelevant, but such things as border security and isolated systems are a limit.

To gain information this way you make an opposed check against the targets' Recon. You gain valuable information based on the outcome of this roll; if the outcome matches the target's Mind you gain clear and important insights into the target's activities. On a failed roll, you learn obvious details and trivia; if the negative Outcome matches your Mind you learn misleading information or the target notices your spying. If the Create skill used to maintain camera security is higher that the target's Spot, use this value as the scrying difficulty.

Tactical Overlay


This power helps you to keep track of the relative position of friends and enemies in combat. As long as you occasionally let your vision sweep across the area, or get information from external sensors or other characters equipped with a tactical overlay, you have an innate spatial awareness of the location of everything and everyone in the vicinity, even when out of your line of sight. You also know your map position.

Two or more friendly characters with Tactical Overlay can link their tactical data for maximum benefit.

  • You need never be afraid of hitting one another, this is particularly useful with area attacks.
  • All of you can attack a target anyone of you can see regardless of visual obstructions, as long as any physical barriers can be penetrated.
  • If anyone connected to your Tactical Overlay is aware of something that is about to surprise you, you are not surprised.

The risk with Tactical Overlay is that an opponent that can read your transmissions and feed them to his own Tactical Overlay; this gives him a +3 bonus on Dodge and Shoot against you.