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Chi Breath

Limit Break

You blast everyone in a cone; a triangle with you at one corner. You can control the exact dimensions of the cone when you create it, with some limitations. The base of the triangle can be as wide as your Mind and both the other sides have the same length and can be as long as your Shoot. All measurements are in meters. Damage is Mind +2, or more if you are using an Implement. Make a separate attack roll against each target, including friends and bystanders. Chi Breath does Radiation damage.

Chi Burst

Limit Break

You can blast all enemies in a globe with a diameter equal to your Mind; you must be somewhere in this area. Your control of this attack is so precise that you can avoid any friends in the area. Damage is Mind +2, or more if you are using an Implement to improve damage. Make a separate attack roll against each target. Plague does Radiation damage.

Chi Throw


You can use chi to enhance a weapon with the throw ability to work as a ranged attack. The damage uses Mind rather than Body and a range of Short but otherwise uses the characteristics of the weapon.

Zen Marksmanship

Basic Action

A true master need not see his target for his missiles to fly true.

You can ignore modifiers for visibility, obstructions et al. You can shoot in complete darkness, at invisible opponents, or through thick fog or nauseous fumes with no penalty, though you must know the target is there. You can bounce bullets, which lets you ignore cover by shooting around it if there is an open path to the target your bullets can use.