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You can shape living bodies, changing their exact form within the norms of their species, or grafting preserved body parts onto them. It is generally hard to restore a creature changed by Fleshcraft; it is considered a Curse. Of course, further applications of Fleshcraft can give the semblance of a cure.

Cosmetic Change: Perhaps the most common way, this is used to create a permanent disguise or disfigurement, or simply to appease the target's vanity. With extensive work you can switch the the target's Charm and Impress skills.

Changing Form: You can change the target, making him or her thin or obese, harmoniously proportioned or a monster. This allows you to rearrange the targets attributes within the norms of his species. You can make the target frail and uncoordinated (down to Body and Reflexes 3 for a human, but you cannot increase the targets attribute total.

Grafting: You can attach an alien body part to a creature. This is most often done to impart some new physiological power, usually a Mutation. This places great strain on the patient's body and sanity; for each mutation so grafted, the patient loses one point from an attribute of his choice. The can be recovered with Limitations or by purchasing the mutations as schticks using experience points.

Automatons: You can repair and animate dead bodies, making them living automatons. Though the methods are different and you need to harvest, repair, and combine suitable body parts, the effects of creating an automaton is similar to that of the Crucible of Life power.



You can induce pregnancy in a living creature. You can either take a genetic seed from the target, or impregnate the target with generic seed you carry; either your own or one you have previously taken from someone else. If the target is not normally capable of carrying a child (for example, because it is male), it will still develop a fetus, but will need special care or the fetus will abort in a few days.


Basic Action

You imbue an ally with life. He will recover one Hit at the end of each round of combat until the end of the scene. This will not reduce the effect of a Damage Setback.



You transform one living creature into another. This heals all damage setbacks and harmful effects the target suffers from, but does not restore any Hits. You must build a variant form for him using his normal Creature Type and points. The target keeps most of its original abilities, but you can rearrange the target's attributes - the sum cannot be higher than before, but can certainly be lower. You can also add powers and schticks related to the new form, as long as the total point value does not increase. You can use this to make the target younger, but doing so reduces the targets skills and total point value, at the discretion of the GM. This power cannot be used to imitate a specific creature, not even the target's previous form. Voice, mannerisms, autograph, all changes, and he will have problems recalling the kind of trivia normally used to test someone's identity. This is a Curse.