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Select a creature or vehicle you touch; its Move is increased by +2.

Momentous Occasion

Limit Break

Select an event of Momentous Occasion, something that is important to you. You must describe this event, such as "When general Xaramos meets the king of Holl" or "When Lucan receives a mortal blow". Once this event comes to pass you teleport to the location of the event. You receive a short advance warning, allowing you to take a Basic Action to prepare. When used in downtime, Momentous Occasion is often the hook for an adventure. If used in a story, it generally dissipates with no effect if it hasn't triggered by the end of that story. The GM is the final arbiter of when Momentous Occasion triggers or dissipates. If the event happens in secret, you must succeed on a Ride check against the best Recon of the participants.

Time Gash

Limit Break

To use this power, you must make a record of how the scene is at the beginning of a round, noting positions, numbers, conditions, and health of everyone in the scene. If using miniatures, this is best done with a photograph of the map. You need nt actually use Time Gash, just because you have made these preparations, but if you always make these preparations just in case, you are likely to annoy the GM.

When you use Time gash, time is rewound to the start of the round, just before initiative is rolled. Everything that happened in the round didn't actually happen, and all results of the round are undone, with the exception of your own Fortune points spent - which remain spent.

This requires a Ride check against the greatest initiative result anyone involved in the action scored, and affects an area with a radius equal to your Ride check in meters. if the area is insufficient to contain the entire scene, the power fails. The GM might judge that a part of a larger scene is sufficiently separate to allow the power to work, such as in a duel in the middle of a battlefield.

Those who are affected by this even might have some memories or flashbacks about the lost time if it further the plot.

Time Pocket

Limit Break

You, your allies, a target and the target's allies enter a pocket of time. This cannot be more creatures than your Mind; if more creatures than that would be affected, the power fails. You cannot use this to isolate a target from its immediate allies; if you include a creature its allies on the spot must be included as well or the power fails.

While in this loop everything else in the universe is frozen in time; impossible to affect in any way.

The power lasts for one scene or until any creature moves further away from where you activated the effect than a number of meters equal to the result of the Ride roll made when you activated the power. When the power ends, time resumes normally for the rest of the universe.

Time Travel

Limit Break

Those present teleport away to a faraway time. They usually stay there only for a limited time, or until a specific event occurs, but this is highly variable. Any changes caused while time traveling are usually temporary and will have worked themselves out in the intervening time, so you usually cannot change the present by changing the past. You can gain new knowledge, rescue someone, find loot and so on, depending on the exact properties of this particular time rift and the GM's whim.

The difficulty does not depend on the amount of time bridged, but on the connection between the present time and place and your target. So, if you want to travel to the time of Ancient Egypt, go to the pyramids. You must research the time you want to go to and its relationship to your own time, finding the exact spot and time when time shift is possible. This must be done as a part of the preparations for an adventure, in collaboration with he GM. If you manage to come to the specific time and place and use this power, the story usually depends on this effect, and thus always works. Otherwise, it fails.