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This Curse removes the perks of the target's old life, making him a stranger even to his friends and family. All of the target’s facial features, vocal cues, and identifying physical traits change, transforming the target into an unremarkable and anonymous member of its race and gender. It likewise transforms anything the target wears or carries that could be used as identification and renders all seals, keys, and similar non-functional. It takes a Charm check with a difficulty equal your Create and an outcome equal to your Mind to either see through the change or convince someone of the target's identity.



The target cannot speak, read, or write any language, gaining the more severe version of the Incommunicado limitation. This is a Curse.

Create Emotions

Basic Action

Allows you to foster a desired emotion in any thinking being. The love spell is the most famous example. You may also specify the object of the emotion, which need not be another thinking being. For example, you could inspire hatred of a truck or lust to own a jewel. Make an opposed Charm roll. Any interaction using this emotion (including repeated use of this power) Gains an Advantage. If the Outcome exceeds the target's Mind, he cannot control his emotions and immediately acts on them, a kind of Setback.

The advantage of this over a regular stunt is that it allows more precise control.

Empathic Beacon

Limit Break

You create an empathic beacon that is either intensely attractive or intensely repellant to certain creatures. The beacon affects a radius in meters equal to your Create roll when using the power, but needs line of sight to the center point.

When you use this power, select these three things:

  1. One type of creature that the beacon is attuned to. This can be by race, species, equipment, or gender.
  2. Whether the beacon is to be exclusive or inclusive; an exclusive beacon affects only the type of creature outlined above, an inclusive beacon includes all creatures but the one specified in §1.
  3. If the beacon is to attract or repel.

Each time a creature that could be affected by the beacon and inside its area takes a Basic Action, the beacon tries to control their movement, making a Create roll against the creatures Mind. If the compulsion succeeds, the creature must use its full Move this action and move towards or away from the beacon as specified in §3.

Two Empathic Beacons cannot overlap; the stronger one prevails.

Modify Memory

Limit Break

You can modify, create, or remove a memory in the target. If your try to remove or modify a memory the target does not have, the power fails and you realize it fails.

Make a Create vs. Dodge roll, an unaware or helpless target uses Reflexes instead. On a success, you modify the memory but some flaws and remnants remain. The target may notice these flaws if cross-examined or thinking a lot about the event, and it can be cured as an ailment. An outcome equal to the target's Mind makes this a Curse and makes the target unable to find fault with the memory; another might do so trough tools like Mind Diving or Psychology.