Transmute Light (Action Powers)

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Create Light

Basic Action

You illuminate a large area, such as a field, square, or large room (about 100 meter diameter). The change is instantaneous and normally lasts for one scene; it the power is disrupted natural light conditions quickly return. The area is brightly but not painfully lit by a diffuse, pearly light. There are few shadows or dark areas, but the light cannot shine through solid objects, and thus becomes weaker or nonexistent if there is but a small channel for it to spread through. Create Light overcomes all darkness, even that created by Darkness powers.

Luck of the Angels

Limit Break

You recover a spent Fortune point. You can always do this in an action scene, but outside of action scenes you can only recover Fortune this way after you have spent a Fortune point on enlightened and benevolent actions, facing situations with virtuous actions and placing the safety of others above your own.