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Brain Control

Basic Action

You can control a creature (or group of unnamed creatures) whose True Name you know with an Impress roll against the creature's Dodge or Impress. During combat, you must succeed at this action each round or the creature will break free, but you can try repeatedly in each round. Out of combat, you only need to roll every 15 minutes, but any failed roll means you lose control of the creature.

Brain Pattern Analysis


You learn the True Name of the defeated or helpless creature.

Brain Tape


This is a brain analysis device, computer storage unit and data transfer unit capable of making an of-site backup of your entire personality.

In a materialistic universe, a personality is no more than a collection of data. This data can be backuped in a safe location, and if the original is indisposed, a copy can be downloaded. Depending upon technological sophistication, this copy may be a robot or a force-grown clone. Brain tape stores a backup of your knowledge and personality, including all Skills and Schticks. Powers are generally not included, but knowledge of powers and knowledge-based powers are. Physical powers might get replicated in a physical cloning process.

In a spiritual sense, this is of course impossible. There is only one soul, and no copy can duplicate your individual essence. What practical impact this has on the game depends on the setting.

A Brain Tape is not so much a system as a phenomena, though there is a cybernetic system is at the core of it. If you have nobody to administer the recreation of your body for you, you won't live again. If your backup is out of date, so will any downloaded copy. If someone can destroy or corrupt your backup, you are also out of luck. Worse, someone may well get hold of the data, make their own download, and brainwash it into serving them.

If there is a spirit, and if that spirit is indivisible, is anybody's guess, but clone rivalry is very common. One can also upload your personality into a Behavior Chip or into an AI construct, gaining access to your Skills and knowledge without giving the copy a body to cause mischief with. But all these additional complications are more plot hooks than actual parts of the power.

Buddy Chip


A Behavior Chip programmed to your own specification. While it has many of the flaws and drawbacks of a regular Behavior Chip, it also has obvious benefits when you are targeted by mental attacks.

If you are ever about to make something that is contrary to your normal objectives or personality, the chip cuts in and prevents the action. Thus, you won't attack your friends, reveal your secrets or otherwise cause do any major, obvious blunders. This is especially important if you are mind controlled, dominated or possessed.

As a game effect, this prevents Setback results from social interaction and mind control. You still suffer the full regular effect of the interaction.

The Buddy Chip can be a two-edged sword. The chip can be bypassed if an an attempt at mind control or interaction accidentally hits upon an action the Buddy Chip is not set to intervene against - strictly a roleplaying decision. Someone with access to your Buddy Chip software can use its programming to advantage. In this case, any successful interaction or mind control gives a Setback result. Someone who can reprogram the Buddy Chip can turn it into a Behavior Chip.