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Chaos Rider

Basic Action

You carry an aura of chaos along with you until the end of the next round. Creatures within Ride meters or who can see you are prone to fumble. Objects and terrain conspire to trip those who try to move in the area. The Free Running difficulty of the area becomes equal to your Mind. This applies to all kinds of movement, not only on foot.


Basic Action

You you create a chaotic mix of loud noise until the end of the next round. Creatures within Ride meters or who can see you are assaulted by this noise and find it hard to focus. All uses of Charm, Create, Know, Melee, and Shoot have a minimum difficulty equal to your Ride.


Basic Action

You may move through solid matter at your basic speed. You have a basic sense inside the material as you move, so you know when you are about to emerge.

You must specify a type of matter you cannot pass through; this should be a broad category like "metal", "stone" or "organic matter". A common variant is where you cannot pass through substances of living spirit; this includes all living things as well as the earth itself; soil and bedrock.

You can never pass through any Order effect or through a wall made by Force in this way.

Open Path


You are incredibly lucky when moving around. You always manage to step on the one safe spot, paths randomly swing out of the way, and you can always find the most open path through a traffic jam.

You are immune to powers that impede movement as long as the power-user's Mind is less than your Ride.

Evasion*, Free Running*, Vehicle Evasion, and Terrain Driving tasks are Routine for you.

* Evasion and Free Running are Maneuver stunts and not Ride stunts.

Reality Warping

Limit Break

You can walk between dimensions, Teleporting from one plane to another or to another place in your own reality by crossing multiple planes. You must actually be traveling to use this power, and you change only a single aspect of your environment with each use of the power; one use could change the weather, another the color of the sky, a third the flowers by the roadside and so on. You continue changing the environment thus until you get to a place matching your destination. If you stop before you get to the place you want, you end up in one of myriad alternate realities, which can be a merely confusing or lead to entire new worlds adventure, depending on the GM's whim.

To simplify the use of this power, the GM can call for a single Ride check with a difficulty depending on how different your goal is from where you are now. On a success, you get there in a few minutes. On a failure, you get there after a harrowing journey involving either a long delay or some concrete danger or plot. If you fail by a margin wider than your Mind you get lost and end up in an unexpected place - this is either one that is hard to get out of, or one that is deceptively similar to what you were looking for, but not the same.

Condition Difficult
Only random details differ 14
Same general environment 16
Different environment but same world 18
Different but similar world 20
Similar world with very specific details 22
Alien world 24
Completely alien setting 26
Alien setting with specific details 28

Returning to a reality you have previously visited is a Routine task.



Your Move is increased by +2.