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Metal Ride

Basic Action

This is intended as a travel power useful in chase scenes and somewhat impractical for ordinary adventuring.

You take off and fly through the air with a Move equal to your Ride skill. You must continuously use this or rely on another flight power to remain airborn. If you don't, you sink towards the ground at a rate of Ride meters per shot expended on other actions.

Use this to make a metal object fly. This can either be an existing metal object, or you can create a large object (such as a set or metallic wings, a metallic platform, or a sledge) and ride on that. If the object is large enough it can carry additional passengers, but this reduces Move by one per passenger carried.

Silver Rider

Basic Action

You carry an aura of steadfast purity along with you until the end of the next round. Creatures within Ride meters or who can see you are inspired to act forthrightly and sneakiness is penalized. Any Sneak and Disable Mechanism stunt in the area has a minimum difficulty equal to your Ride, and a failure causes a Setback to the creature that failed. Any Scan stunt can use your Ride as the acting value.

Tool Teleport


You can summon a set of gear you own to you over any distance. This can be any kind or combination of personal gear, or one larger item made mainly of metal, such as a vehicle. The difficulty of Tool Teleport depends on the object's Body, as read on the Body/Weight table, but only roll for items whose Body exceeds your Mind.

The object stays with you until you end the stance, whereupon it returns from whence it came. You can choose to keep it around when the stance ends, but if you do you cannot teleport it back later using this power.

If the object has been stolen from you, add the current owner's Mind to the difficulty. If you fail to call a stolen object, it is no longer considered yours for this purpose until you retrieve it normally.