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Air magics deal with gases and atmospheric conditions such as wind, precipitation and cloud formations. It can be quite useful in that it can alter the battlefield itself, rather than the abilities of the combatants, evening the odds in an unfair fight by preventing the use or overwhelming odds or allowing escape from a hopeless battle. It is most practical when invoked over a small area, possibly dangerously powerful if used over wide areas.

Alternate Names: Wind, weather.


Creature: Air Elementals
Skill: Melee
Attribute: Move
Sense: Motion Sense
Mood: Inspired, flexible
Blast: Concussion

Air Cantrips

Basic Action

You can cause local currents in air, causing paper, dry leaves, dust, and curtains to billow and move, cause a cool breeze, and create a draft or move a small cloud. You cannot effect more than a small room full of air (approximately 100 cubic meters). You can create luminescent mist that drifts about and glows.

Charm Air

Air Inspiration

Trigger Action

You inspire others to be swift, open-minded, generous, brave, and honorable. Whenever you or someone within Charm meters fails an action based on these virtues, you can take a trigger action to give him an immediate reroll. If the original roll was Confident or Stymied it remains so. This applies to most uses of the Melee skill, and to other skills and rolls as determined my the GM.

Charm Air Elementals

Basic Action

You are supernaturally enchanting to certain creatures. You master whatever form of communication they use, even if you are normally unable to communicate with them at all.

Enchanting someone requires an opposed Charm roll. On an Outcome equal to the target's Mind, the target falls for your enchantment. On a lesser success you gain an advantage. A failed check interrupts the process, forcing you to look for a new opportunity at a later time.

Once someone has been enchanted, they will willingly follow and help you out. They seek to avoid conflict with their old allies, but if push comes to shove you cannot guarantee how they will react; they will try to avoid seeing you harmed, but they might make you a captive to save you later or even to have you at their mercy, or they might decide to throw in their lot with you and abandon their former allies. Someone who you have enchanted expects trust and help from you, but the enchantment breaks automatically only in the most blatant cases of maltreatment. If you are callous and disregard their interests they can make opposed Charm rolls against you to see through the enchantment. The same applies if a friend points out they have been charmed, but in this case it is an opposed roll against the friend's Charm skill and takes a Limit Break to do.

Enchantment normally wears off in about a weeks time, but can be maintained through continuous use of the power; it will last indefinitely if reapplied once per day. Even after the power ends you leave your targets with fond memories of you unless you mistreated them. Someone who realizes they have been enchanted and used can become vindictive or even downright hostile, but this is not the normal result.

This power only works on Air Elementals.

Pied Piper

Basic Action

Everyone dances to your music. Make an opposed Charm check against all creatures you select in a diameter equal to your Mind. Those you succeed against lose three shots dancing. Those against whom you get an outcome matching their Mind join a stately dance until you stop performing. You can take actions using Charm while performing.

Dancers will move along with you, at their normal Move. They will not take double moves to follow you. If they are ever further away from you than their Mind in meters when their turn comes up, the charm is broken.

Winds of Charm

Trigger Action (Combo)

When you take a basic action to perform a melee attack, you can use this power to perform either a Distraction or Trick stunt before executing the attack.

Whispering Wind

Basic Action or Limit Break

You create a current of wind that will carry spoken words between you and others. There must be a passage of air between each target, and the range is counted along this passage. The passage can be tiny; a keyhole or the crack under a door suffices. Make a Confident Charm roll. Your target can do the same to communicate back to you. The Whispering Wind can carry messages up ten meters times roll. If any target is further than this away from you, the power fails for them. If a particular message is extra important, the GM may require extra Confident rolls, this does not require an action. You can send messages to a certain spot instead of to a specific target and try to send to creatures you are not sure are in range; these are power stunts. Whispering Wind lasts for a scene. You can use Charm stunts and schticks (but not powers) through Whispering Wind. Performed as a Limit Break, the message travels at a Move equal to your Ride check every minute and can keep going a number of hours equal to your Mind.


Limit Break

You give yourself or another creature you touch a bonus of +3 to Move for the rest of the scene. Their final Move cannot be greater than your Charm.

Create Air

Analyze Air

Basic Action

You can analyze the properties of any gas within reach, even if the gas is inside a container or otherwise separated from you. You learn the exact composition and properties of the gas and whether it has been affected by any powers recently.

Ether Cyclone

Basic Action

You call a storm in the ether, that disrupts teleportation and other planar travel. Any attempt to Teleport into or out of the area has a minimum difficulty equal to your Create; if the Outcome was less than your Mind the teleport succeeded, but the teleportee is dazed, making him loose all shots or be Surprised if out of combat.

Ether Cyclone covers a radius equal to your Create roll and lasts for a scene.

Fresh Air

Basic Action

You renew the quality of air, making it breathable and refreshing. This pushes out clouds and gas in a diameter equal to your Mind for the rest of the scene. You can also create air in an place where there's room for it, like in a cave or underwater, but not inside a solid.

You can create fresh air inside a creature's lungs. A single application will create enough air for a single creature for one hour; you can easily maintain the air for a number of creatures equal to your skill using this power; more with constant effort. Creatures whose Body exceeds your Mind counts as one additional creature per point in excess.

Wind Wall

Basic Action

A churning mass of volatile air can be used to block ranged attacks, fliers, and nastiness like gas and gouts of flame. The wall can be formed as a cloud, plane or sphere. It can be transparent or misty and translucent, as you desire. The wall has a duration (in minutes) and a maximum dimensions (in meters) equal to the Create roll that created it. Within this volume, you can shape it as you wish.

Any physical ranged attack through the wall is Stymied. A translucent wall also Stymies perception checks. Moving through the wall is hard and requires a Maneuver roll against your Create. A creature that is jumping or flying creature is Stymied on this check. Those failing to pass through the Wind Wall are tossed back to where they started and lose the rest of this action, but take no damage.

Winds of Change

Basic Action or Limit Break

This is a Transmutation power. If you have several Transmutation powers, you can transform things between the substances you have powers for. The difficulty is the Body/Mass of the object, or the Dodge of the wearer. Repairing objects has half the difficulty of creating them or the Create of the maker for very complex items. If you use a Basic Action the duration is one scene, after which the material will return to its natural shape. If you use a Limit Break to create items, they are permanent, but volatile substances and those that qualify as Items deteriorate at the end of a session unless paid for. Besides practical uses, this allows you to ignore the Resources column when Tinkering with this substance. This is also useful for breaking and damaging appropriate objects. You can do Demolish stunts against such objects as a Basic Action. A gas has a mass of about 1 kg per cubic meter, so you can transform substantial quantities of air.

Dodge Air

Elusive Wind

Trigger action (Defense)

You are as elusive as the wind. Use this when an action against your Dodge and Maneuver succeeds. This increases your defensive Dodge and Maneuver by +3 for the current shot.

Feather Fall

Trigger Action

When you or another character within Dodge meters falls, crashes, or otherwise takes Concussion damage, you can use this. Add your Dodge to their Reflexes to soak Concussion damage.

Resist Concussion

Basic Action

Add your Mind to your soak attribute against concussion damage for the rest of the scene. You are normally assumed to do this at the beginning of each scene, but sometimes you may want to not do it to be more inconspicuous.

Wind Focus


When flying, more than 20 meters from solid ground or water surface, you can focus. You can also focus when on a windswept summit or on a wide-open plain and at least 20 meters from any obstacle to the wind.

Impress Air

Foul Air

Basic Action

You foul the air in a diameter equal to your Mind. The cloud is impenetrable to most senses, giving a penalty of -1 on Shoot and perception checks per meter of foul air in between. A living, breathing creature in the cloud who spent any time during his current action in the cloud must make an opposed Impress check with you; on a failure he cannot act. Characters in the cloud can move even if the roll fails. The cloud lasts for a scene unless dispelled or dispersed by strong wind.

Magnificent Entrance

Basic Action

As your first action in a scene, you can do either a First Impression or Scare stunt that affects everyone who can see and hear you.

Pushing Winds


When you succeed at a stunt, schtick or an Air Power using Impress, Maneuver, Melee, or Shoot you have the option to use this power to move targets you succeeded against 2 meters away from you. Targets can choose to lose one shot instead. Those with Body greater than your Impress are immune. This also causes loose objects, dust and sand to fly about. Pushing Winds does not stack with any movement or shot loss the stunt or power already has - use the longer movement and higher shot loss.

Summon Air Elemental

Basic Action

You can seize a creature whose True Name you know through time and space and bring it into your presence. The creature must be in another dimension or juncture, and not currently summoned, imprisoned or otherwise occupied. You can summon one Henchman or a number of Minions of the same type equal to your Mind. It takes an Impress roll against the creature's Dodge or Impress to summon. The creature immediately makes an initiative check to see when it will next act, but this cannot be earlier than the shot in which it is summoned. In future rounds, the creature has its own initiative score. You can also use this power again on a creature (or group of unnamed creatures) you have summoned along with an Impress roll against the creature's Dodge or Impress, in order to extend your control over it until the end of the following round. During combat, you must succeed at this action each round or the creature will break free, but you can try repeatedly in each round. Out of combat, you only need to roll every scene, but any failed roll means you lose control of the creature. While a creature is under your control, you can order it to return to its home plane at any time. A creature that breaks free of control can choose to return on its own. Summoned creatures can also be Dispelled. You can also use this power to take control of a summoned creature did not summon yourself whose True Name you know. This requires an Impress roll against the creature's Dodge or Impress or against its summoner's Impress if he is present.

A creature cannot be ordered to perform deeds alien to its nature; an air elemental cannot be summoned into solid earth or water, an Epitome cannot act against its spiritual inclination, and so on. Summoned creatures can perceive your aura as you summon them. Their initial attitude depends on your reputation among this kind of creature and whether you have an allegiance or pact with them. In case of extreme misalignment, you may not even be able to summon them at all.

When you lose control of a summoned creature it usually returns home shortly; the creature knows anyone who knows its true name can seize control of it as noted above. But the creature might choose to remain on your plane indefinitely to act out its inclination. In order to acquire lengthy services you must bargain with the creature, or use a Power Experiment or other means to acquire its services. If you bargain a creature into a formal pact, it is considered controlled for as long as the conditions of the pact are met and cannot break the contract or return to its home until the pact expires.

This power only works on Air Elementals.


Limit Break

You deny the target air or fills its lungs with foul vapors, making it unable to breathe with an opposed Impress roll against the target's Impress.

Each time a suffocating target tries to take an action, it must make an opposed Impress or Ride check against you, or the action fails. The target is still allowed to move even on a failed roll, but the foul air moves with it. If the targets opposed roll fails by a margin equal to the target's Body, it takes one Hit. If the roll succeeds by a margin equal to your Mind, or you suffer a Setback, the power is negated. It otherwise lasts for a scene.

A creature that does not breathe is immune to this power, but machines powered by combustion can be affected.

Know Air

Calm Air

Limit Break

Age of
Three days 12
One Month 14
One year 16
A decade 18
A century 20
A millennium 22
Ten millennia 24

You can end the effects of other powers. You can only dispel powers you know of (though a vague description, such as "whatever is making Bert turn green" is ok). You can try to dispel a single Finisher, Limit Break, or any power that has been in effect for a week or more, or you can try to dispel all powers except those mentioned above on one creature or in an area with a diameter equal to your Mind. When dispelling several powers at once, you can choose to ignore some of them as long as you know of each power you want to make an exception for.

A power that has been dispelled cannot be used again by that creature in this scene, and another creature that tries to use the same power in the same general area must match your Know with the stunt the power is used with, or it fails.

This will not negate a Curse, but will tell you how to defeat the curse if the roll is successful.

Inherent powers cannot be dispelled.

The difficulty is the skill of the most skilled creature involved in making the effect. Effects that have been around a long time are harder to dispel: see the table. Use the highest relevant difficulty.

You can dispel any power of the Air form or which otherwise affects an Air Elemental, air or a gas.

Stall Flight

Basic Action

You remove a creature's ability to fly with a Know vs. Maneuver check. The target will fall quickly but harmlessly to the ground if hit by this power, and cannot achieve flight again for the rest of the scene or until Stall Flight is dispelled.

Maneuver Air

Abundant Leap

Basic Action

Make a huge leap, moving ten times your normal Move in any direction. If you use this power for overland movement, you move at four times your usual speed. This increases your effective Move value by +3 when determining your maximum speed, but is as taxing as running.

Air Adaption

Basic Action

The target can breathe air freely for the rest of the session and can move on land at normal speed. The target's skin will not take damage from exposure to normal air. This power is mainly useful for creatures that are normally aquatic, or adapted to some other non-gaseous environment. You can easily maintain this power on a number of targets equal to your Mind, more than that and it requires effort, similar to doing one Limit Break for each time you double the number of creatures, see Vitality.

Air Elemental Form

Limit Break

You assume the form of another creature decided when you gain the power. You must have created a variant form for yourself using your normal points and limits. If you do not have such a creature description ready, you cannot use this power. This creature cannot have higher value in any particular skill than you do. You can add powers of the same form the creature has and keep schticks and powers you already have, but you cannot otherwise add powers or schticks. This power cannot be used to imitate a specific individual; you remain yourself in mannerisms and detail while changing race, species, and creature type.

You remain in this form for a scene or until you fall asleep or unconscious or will yourself back to your normal form (a Basic Action). You can learn this power several times to learn to transform into several different creatures.

You can only assume the form on an Air Elemental with this version of the power.

Feather Fall

Trigger Action

You can cause a creature or object to be affected by gravity much less than normal. You can use this whenever something is in free fall or following a trajectory (as opposed to flying under its own power). Used on a falling object or creature, it requires a Action check against the Body of the falling object, or the Dodge of an unwilling target. The target floats harmlessly to the ground at a Move of 5. It can also be used against thrown weapons and ranged weapons of Blacksmith technology or lower. Used this way, it renders a missile harmless with a Action check against their attack roll. As a Trigger Action (Combo) used with a Feat of Strength. Reduce the effective mass of the object by one for every three points of Outcome. Once you have done this, the effect lasts as long as you continue to do a Feat of Strength on the object.

Gone Like the Wind

Trigger Action (Combo)

When you perform Basic Action, you can use this shtick to move an additional time after the action. This allows you to move-act-move or act-move-move. You can use Gone Like the Wind if the action you just did is one that in itself allows additional movement or when you are Static.



You can move through the air instead of along the ground. For aquatic creatures, this means they can swim in air. If you are not accustomed to exposure to air, you can breathe air freely and can now move on land and thru the air at normal speed. Your skin will not take damage from normal exposure to air.

Mist Form


You assume mist form. In this form, you can fly at your normal Move. You become Amorph and Resist Physical damage but vulnerable to gusts of wind. You can Sneak as if you were in cover if there is any natural fog about.

Prodigious Leap


You can move at your normal speed by jumping instead of by walking. This lets you get around obstacles and hindrances on the ground. No individual leap can be longer than your Move.


Basic Action

You create a buffeting wind shock that makes a flying target lose altitude. Make an opposed Maneuver check, on a success the target loses 3 shots and you can move them a number of meters equal to your Body, half of this must be straight down. On an outcome matching the target's Reflexes you can move the target twice as far and also cannot fly for the rest of the scene or until the he receives successful First Aid with a difficulty equal to your Maneuver. He can still fly down to land safely, but cannot perform any Basic Actions or Limit Breaks until safely on the ground. Unlike most Maneuver effects, Turbulence can be done at a distance, with normal range penalties. Turbulence also allows Outmaneuver and Trip to be made at range.

Melee Air

Buffeting Strike


You can make unarmed melee attacks that do Body +2 Concussion damage, soaked by Reflexes. The target can use Body as Dodge if Body is higher.

Flying Strike

Basic Action

Make a jumping charge at an enemy up to your Move meters extra in a reasonably straight line. All your movement this action must be in the same direction. Then make a Normal Melee Attack. If you jumped at least three meters you get +3 additional damage.

Lord's Bastion

Basic Action

Make a Normal Melee Attack attack. Until you next spend shots you gain a +3 bonus on Dodge and Impress defense values.

Lord's Strike

Basic Action

Make a Normal Melee Attack attack. Targets are pushed one meter away from you for each point the damage result exceeds the soak value, and a flier is also moved the same distance downwards.

Laughing Zephyr

Basic Action

Make a Melee attack: if successful you get a hold on a weapon in the hands of an opponent, forcing him to spend 3 shots or give up the weapon to you. If you score an Outcome matching his Reflexes, you take the weapon and he cannot choose to spend shots to retrieve it. If you get hold of the weapon all attacks made by you with this weapon against the former owner gain a +3 Action Value bonus until end of the scene.


Limit Break

Make a strike that causes a shockwave that strikes nearby opponents. You attack all enemies in a globe with a diameter of five meters with you at the center, doing Body +0 Concussion damage, soaked by Reflexes. After the attack all enemies are pushed back on meter per Hit taken. The target can use Body as Dodge if Body is higher.

Wind Dance

Basic Action

Make a Normal Melee Attack attack. After the attack you can jump your Move meters in any direction.

Wind Soul


You can use your body to do melee attacks that do Mind +2 Blunt damage, or more if you are using an Implement to improve damage.

Wind Sword


You create one or more melee weapons in your hand(s). These function exactly as normal weapons of the type you choose to create, but are constructs made of ephemeral materials and not of any particular material a creature might be vulnerable or resistant to. They disappear at the end of any round when it is not in your hand. You must be familiar with a weapon to create it this way.

This power can create swords and daggers of any technological complexity you are familiar with.

Wind Touch

Stance (Damage Boost)

You can imbue a Melee or Shoot attack with an additional type of damage. The damage of the attack increases by +2. Against a target that has different soak values against the two types of damage, use the lesser soak value but decrease the damage by 2. Wind Touch does Concussion damage soaked by Reflexes.


Basic Action

Make a Melee attack with Body Concussion damage against all adjacent enemies. The target can use Body as Dodge if Body is higher. After the attack all enemies are pushed back on meter per Hit taken. You cannot move as part of this Basic Action. See Combination Action for how you can combine this with movement.

Recon Air

Fade to Air


You become invisible, like solidified air. This is an invisibility power. Invisibility allows you to Sneak as if you had concealment, even in plain sight. Certain powers penetrate invisibility; against such a power ability to sneak in plain sight is lost. In this form you both move and take actions while sneaking, tough you still become visible if you attract attention or act against another. Fade to Air allows you to try to Sneak as a part of activating the stance.

The ability to Sneak out of sequence allows you to begin a scene hidden and to hide when your shot comes up at the cost of a single shot, but unlike Fade it does not allow you to sneak as a combo with other actions.

Leaf in the Wind

Basic Action

You cause winds to carry a tiny, light objects, hereafter called the leaf. The leaf travels under your control with a speed of 7 (40 km/h). You can sense the leaf's surrounding and can use it to spy. To gain information this way you make an opposed check against the targets' Recon. You gain valuable information based on the outcome of this roll; if the outcome matches the target's Mind you gain clear and important insights into the target's activities. On a failed roll, you learn obvious details and trivia; if the negative Outcome matches your Mind you learn misleading information or the target notices your spying.

Sense Air

Basic Action

You gain an awareness of the air within your Mind meters. This extends your sense of touch to this distance, which means you can "see" without using your eyes, negating blindness, smoke, and the like. The sense does not extend through a gas-tight barrier, but does extend around corners. This has the effects of a Scan stunt, and you automatically spot creatures in this area who are not Sneaking, even if they would be impossible to sense with your normal senses. You can spend a Basic Action to extend this sense to detect a specific at at range—normal range penalties apply. Additionally, you can use this to predict the weather and to sense if a weather pattern is natural or the result of power use. You can also limit your sense to detect specific gasses or to exclude common gasses or gas mixtures, such as natural air, in order to detect anomalies.

Ride Air

Cloud Travel

Basic Action or Limit Break

You teleport from a cloud to cloud. You movie into a cloud or mist dense enough to hide you completely from everyone not included in this power, only to appear moments later from another cloud. Roll for this as if it was a ranged attack with a difficulty determined by Cover and with normal Range modifiers. You ignore difficulties from concealment based on air, such as clouds of vapor, smoke, or dust. On a failed roll, you either fail to teleport or suffer a Setback, as appropriate. If performed as a limit break, you ignore range modifiers and ignore sight obstructions - only hard cover counts. You can specify a destination and will arrive in the nearest suitable cloud.

If using Flying Carpet to enter the cloud, you and all passengers can teleport together.

Flight Boost


Touch a vehicle or creature capable of flight; its Move is increased by +2 when flying. You need not continue to touch the creature to maintain this stance.


Basic Action

This is intended as a travel power useful in chase scenes and somewhat impractical for ordinary adventuring.

You take off and fly through the air with a Move equal to your Ride skill. You must continuously use this or rely on another flight power to remain airborn. If you don't, you sink towards the ground at a rate of Ride meters per shot expended on other actions.

Flying Carpet

Basic Action

You lift a large flat object, such as a carpet, and turn it into a conveyance that can carry passengers or cargo. The carpet has a Body and Move equal to your Ride and carries things like a creature of its strength. It must be no more than Mind meters from corner to corner. If you sit on the carpet it works like an open vehicle. Everything on the carpet is protected from slipstream. You can remote control its movement as a basic action, but if it is distance from you normal range penalties apply to your control rolls.

You can only control one object at a time. If you let go of control of an object or move out of range, it moves towards the ground at full speed and lands safely after a harrowing dive.

You can lift objects other than carpets this way as long as they are reasonably large and have a flat underside - carriages and cars come to mind. However, in this case the weight of the object counts against the weight capacity of the power.

Phantom Steed

Basic Action

You create a mount made that only you can ride. This mount has Body, Reflexes and Speed equal to your Mind or your value in the attribute in question, whichever is higher, and a Dodge and Maneuver skill equal to your Ride. When others try to ride your spectral mount, it is insubstantial. It can be attacked and is an unnamed creature. The mount disappears when you dismount but is otherwise tireless.

You can create a spectral mount for another rider, using your Mind but that creature's value in the other attributes and in the Ride skill.

Planar Pursuit

Basic Action

You can Track another creature through the air and even through other dimensions. You must start with a spoor that is no more than one day old. When Tracking successfully, you are not only able to track the creature, you can follow it through any Teleports it uses, following it with single-minded determination.

War Rider

Basic Action

You carry an aura of war along with you until the end of the next round. Creatures within Ride meters and to all who can see you. Creatures in this area are prone to violence and will fight at the drop of a hat.

Any time a creature in the area is successfully interacted with using Charm or Impress, it must attack on its next action if there are any enemies present. On a Setback result, it must attack either way, possibly striking a nearby friend, and will continue to attack enemies each time their shot comes up for the rest of the round. This is in addition to the normal effect of the interaction.

Weather Control

Basic Action or Limit Break

This allows you to control the weather is a fairly small area, such as a small field, square, or large room (radius in meter equal to your Ride roll). Indoors, this becomes the diameter instead of radius. You can create any type of weather condition that could naturally occur in the area. The change is instantaneous and maintained by the power for a scene; if the power is negated natural weather conditions quickly return. If the weather you create is completely out of season or unreasonable in the locale, it takes a Limit Break to create even the smaller version.

If the weather has a damaging side effect, such as a tornado, fist-sized hail, or lightning, this damage is random; you cannot control how it strikes. Other than this, you can control how the weather manifests, even creating different conditions in different areas, as long as such conditions could naturally coexist.

If this is used as a Limit Break rather than a basic action, the area affected is much larger and can be increased with successive uses; the diameter of the effect is one kilometer and each additional use of the power doubles the diameter.

Maneuver and Ride rolls to avoid the effects of the conditions you create generally have a difficulty equal to your Ride.

  • Cold Sends people inside in search of shelter. Forces opponents to don awkward and constraining heavy coats, scarves, and gloves. Causes guards to huddle together around heaters and fires, abandoning their posts. (No, this isn't mind control: these are things that might naturally occur as a result of cold weather.)
  • Fog You can create a cloud of thick and concealing fog. The fog is opaque but not transparent; it is only possible to see what is near, perception rolls and ranged attacks suffer a penalty of -1 per meter of distance and it provides cover to Sneak. At a distance greater than an observers Mind in meters, even obvious things become hidden. There are schticks and powers that allows sight trough obscurement; these work normally in the area.
  • Heat and Humidity Causes suffering to opponents wearing armor or heavy coats to conceal their portable arsenals. Accelerates rot and decay.
  • Mist You can create a cloud of vaporous mist full of misleading shapes. Provides cover to Sneak, and you can concentrate it in certain areas and leave enemies exposed. Causes your enemies to be confused and separated.
  • Rain Mires enemy vehicles in mud and makes hard surfaces slick. Clears the streets of pesky bystanders. Eventually puts out wildfires.
  • Snow Snarls traffic. Causes flight cancellations. Obscures vision. Can cause sleet, making the ground treacherous to walk on.
  • Thunder Impresses mooks and other underlings. Obscures sounds. Causes animals to stampede in terror. Provides very powerful (if brief) illumination that you can time as you like.
  • Wind Blows away light objects. Damages buildings, knocks down trees and power lines. Creates sandstorms or snowstorms, which obscure vision and demoralizes foes. Makes water and air travel hazardous.

Shoot Air


Limit Break

As a preparation for using this power, you prepare a number of arrows, writing a possible answer to a question on each arrow. You must also add at least one blank arrow to the mix. When using this power, you ask a question and draw an arrow; it the power was successful, the arrow with the most relevant and correct answer will be drawn. If none of the answers were relevant or correct, you will draw a blank arrow.

Belomancy can only answer questions about things you will encounter within the next six hours, and can only give out information you would automatically notice during such encounters. Typical questions include "Which way to the dragon" or "what monster will I meet behind this door". Deeply analytical questions, such as "Who killed the duke", "what is the nature of life" or "should I get married" always draw a blank.

The difficulty of the check is either 5 + the number of arrows in the quiver, or the Shoot of whoever the divination is directed against. As an alternative, a single arrow can be tossed in the air, if it is a direction you want. This has a minimum difficulty of 10.

Cutting Wind


You can make a Ranged Attack - either the basic stunt or using some other stunt, schtick, or power. Damage is Mind +2, or more if you are using an Implement to improve damage. Cutting Wind does cutting damage and tosses the target about. Targets are pushed one meter away from you for each point the damage result exceeds the soak value, and a flier is also moved the same distance downwards.

Gust of Wind

Basic Action

You blast everyone in a cone; a triangle with you at one corner. You can control the exact dimensions of the cone when you create it, with some limitations. The base of the triangle can be as wide as your Mind and both the other sides have the same length and can be as long as your Shoot. All measurements are in meters. Damage is Mind +2, or more if you are using an Implement. Make a separate attack roll against each target, including friends and bystanders. Gust of Wind does Blunt damage, but causes no Hits. Instead, targets are pushed one meter away from you for each point the damage result exceeds the soak value, and a flier is also moved the same distance downwards. Gust of wind can also rearrange the battlefield. Flames are extinguished and sand or open liquids blown into a spray. Furniture and vehicles are tossed about and shoddy constructions might collapse.

Poison Cloud

Limit Break

You create a cloud of toxic air in a diameter equal to your Mind. The cloud is impenetrable to most senses, giving a penalty of -1 per meter of foul air in between. The cloud lasts for a scene unless dispelled or dispersed by strong wind. It is heavier than air, and will sink into lower-lying areas. You can move it your Mind meters as a Basic Action. Without spending an action you can make a Shoot attack any living, breathing creature who spent any time during his current action (including trigger actions) in the cloud. The cloud does Neurotoxin damage but has no damage value. Per the rules for Neurotoxin damage, if the attack roll of the attack exceeds both the target's effective Dodge and his Toughness, he takes one Hit.


Limit Break

You can blast all enemies in a globe with a diameter equal to your Mind; you must be somewhere in this area. Your control of this attack is so precise that you can avoid any friends in the area. Damage is Mind +2, or more if you are using an Implement to improve damage. Make a separate attack roll against each target. The target can use Body as Dodge if Body is higher. Whirlwind pulls objects and creatures (including fliers) into the air, then lets them fall down again in a random spot within the area. It does concussion damage soaked by Reflexes. Objects are not damaged directly, but might be blown about and will suffer falling damage if they are not anchored. Flames are extinguished and open liquids blown into a spray.

Wind Burst


You can make a Ranged Attack - either the basic stunt or using some other stunt, schtick, or power. Damage is Mind +2, or more if you are using an Implement to improve damage. The target can use Body as Dodge if Body is higher. Strong winds twists the target and buffets it in all directions at once. Wind Burst does Concussion damage soaked by Reflexes. After the attack all enemies are pushed back on meter per Hit taken.