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  • Adjacent Can only attack targets adjacent to you, about 1 meter away.
  • Reach A melee weapon with a long pole or otherwise able to strike at a distance of 1-3 meters.
  • Close Ranged attack that suffers a penalty of -1 per five meters. The maximum range is 75 meters.
  • Medium: Suffer a penalty of -1 per 10 meters range. The maximum range is 150 meters.
  • Long: Suffer a penalty of -1 per 50 meters of range. The maximum range is 4000 meters unless otherwise noted, as this is the range to the horizon in most cases.

Ranges are generally pretty short, to confirm to cinematic norms. At longer ranges, it is generally very easy for a target to move into cover, changing the problem from one of running the gauntlet into one of finding a safe path - which can often be an interesting tactical situation in itself. Charging a long-rage attack over open ground is a dangerous proposition with the limited movement speeds typical of Action, and can also be tedious to play out.