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Beast Rider

Basic Action

You carry an anti-social aura along with you until the end of the next round. Creatures within Ride meters or who can see you are prone to anger and misunderstanding.

Any Charm stunt in the area has a minimum difficulty equal to your Ride, and any Charm roll that fails is a fumble, aggravating listeners.

Beast Wings

Basic Action

You grow wings that let you fly through the air at your normal Move for the rest of the scene or until you spend a basic action to transform back. The wings are impractically large in cramped spaces, you can stunt to move trough a narrow space but cannot stay airborne unless you have wing room at some point of your move.

As a further Basic Action, you can fly in a straight line with a Move equal to your Ride.

Ethereal Jaunt

Limit Break

You and up to your Mind other willing creatures who form a chain of touch can travel the Ethereal planes. Ethereal Jaunt shifts you into the Aether and from there you can travel to the inner planes in some safety, able to control your motion and to travel to a place you have reasonable knowledge of in about a day. It is possible to navigate towards another spot on the same plane. Traveling to the astral realms using this power is very dangerous, as you lose control and guidance.

Mark of Fate

Trigger Action

You create a mystic link between you and your victim. Your fates are entwined; you WILL meet again and confront one another again. You can only mark named characters. Either you or your victim must cause some damage to the other, but Mark of Fate is automatically successful. This is a twisting of fate, not any supernatural movement. If your victim flees far away, this twist can be quite strange and terrible.

You just happen to be caught in a meat-grinder and processed into astronaut food, only to regenerate for that rendezvous on the moon which Mark of Fate has set you up for.

You can release your Mark of Fate voluntarily, but only at the end of a play session. It can also be removed as a Curse. Many creatures with this schtick will delay attacking their target, stalking and slaying bystanders, slowly closing in on loved ones and finally the victim. After all, there is no way he can get away.

Transfer Focus

Limit Break

You transfer your focus to another character who is within sight. That character can choose to immediately perform a Limit Break, at normal shot cost. If he has no shots left, he also takes a Hit from backlash.

Transfer Power

Basic Action

You channel one or more Fortune Points to another character you can see. You spend these points, and the target receives them, replenishing any lost Fortune points. If this leaves the target with more than a full Fortune pool, the points must be spent before the end of the round or they return to you.

Wild Rider

Basic Action

You carry an aura of chaos and mutation along with you until the end of the next round. Creatures within Ride meters or who can see you risk being mutated. Creatures with Dodge greater than your Mind are immune. Affected creatures are Confused. Choose one of your powers for all creatures get power while they are confused.