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Illusory Apparel

Basic Action

You create illusory clothes on up to your Mind willing creatures within Mind meters. You can instead affect a single unwilling target with a Create vs. Dodge check, with normal range penalties. All targets affected by a single use of the power get the same outfit with some individual flare, but you can use it separately to give each target unique apparel. You can hide and/or modify the appearance of existing clothes.

You can use this to set up a Acting & Disguise stunt. As long as clothes alone are sufficient to create an identity, targets can do a Acting & Disguise stunt using your Create skill.

The illusion can last for the rest of the session or until an event you decide on. You can mimic a specific outfit if you are familiar with it or have used Capture Scene on it. Close inspection allows an opposed Create roll to discover the illusory nature of the clothes. A creature that has seen through the illusion can make a melee attack to negate the illusion on one target.

You can create equipment as a part of the apparel, and this equipment appears functional, but it cannot actually have a physical effect.


Basic Action

Create an area of shifting colors and images with a diameter equal to your Create roll in meters.

The affected area becomes treacherous to the senses; it is possible to sense what is near, but perception rolls and ranged attacks suffer a penalty of -1 per meter of distance. This will fool even extraordinary senses or powers that enhance the senses. Moving in the area requires a Free Running or Terrain Driving stunt against your Create. You can ignore the movement penalty, but not the increased range penalty in the area.


Basic Action

You create a scene. In this area, you can change the appearance and feel of all objects and even create entirely new illusory objects and background creatures. You can make dangerous objects appear harmless (creating a Trap), create Cover or hindering terrain, create a distraction, create an illusory shop with illusory wares, or just to set the mood for a scene. You can change the apparent apparel and grooming of creatures in the area, but not disguise their appearance.

The illusion will fool all senses. What you create lacks substance, but can fool the sense of touch as long as no real pressure is applied. After an hour sitting on a tree trunk disguised as an opulent couch someone might get a backache, but may not realize why. Close inspection, trading illusory goods, or actual physical effects on a victim allows an opposed Create roll to discover the illusory nature of the scenery. Within this limitation, what you create works just as the real thing, with an effective Create Skill equal to your Mind.

You can completely control scenery up to your Create meters in diameter. If you make the scenery larger, you control lessen. At ten times the size, you can change color, form, and sound but not scent or touch. At a hundred times the size, you can only make changes in color.

Scenery lasts for a scene. To maintain the Scenery you need to spend a Basic Action on it each scene, at the end of a scene in which you did not spend a Basic Action on it, it disappears.