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Analyze Fire

Basic Action

You can analyze the properties of any fire within range, even if it is inside a container or otherwise separated from you. Fire includes any combustion or energy releasing chemical or nuclear reaction, including the digestion of food in living creatures. You learn what is burning, how hot it is, what damage it can do, what type and how much fuel it uses and how long the fuel will last and any other mundane detail you can come up with about fire. You also learn whether it has been affected by any powers recently.



All your attacks can cause nasty continuing burns. An attack that already has this ability does not further improve. Burn attacks gain the following quality: "This attack can cause nasty, lasting burns to any target that takes damage. Unless the target takes a basic action to put out the burns, it will take one additional hit at the end of the round and the effect ends. A friend can help stop the burn before it inflicts damage, but this requires a First Aid stunt with a difficulty equal to the damage rating of the attack that caused Burn. A creature can only have one burn effect active at a time, even if damaged by several different types of attacks that each cause burn.".

Craft of the Firebringer

Basic Action or Limit Break

Fire is the craftsman's element and the firebringer is the spirit of craftsmanship. You can craft or repair personal gear out of normal raw materials. In this way, you can create basic clothing, tools, arms, and armor of no more than Combustion sophistication. If you use a basic action and shoddy or substitute materials the item will still perform as normal, but the duration is minutes equal to the Action Result, after which the material will burn up. If you use a Limit Break to create items, they are permanent, but may wear out very fast if you used makeshift raw materials. The difficulty is the Toughness of the item; weapons and armor are made for a specific creature and have a difficulty equal to they damage or toughness they grant. Halve the difficulty for a repair. This is also useful for breaking and damaging objects. You can do Demolish stunts against such objects as a basic action and Disable Mechanism is Routine using this power.

Fire Tamer

Basic Action

You can tame fire, causing it to go out, move, change color or form, burn only certain substances, change the intensity (increase damage by 3 and multiply fuel consumption by four, or reduce damage and divide consumption) and so on.

The difficulty is either the diameter of the fire (in meters), the damage value, or the Dodge of whoever is using it (whichever is higher). If you score an Outcome equal to the damage value of the fire, it cannot be re-lit for the rest of the scene; this can prevent an opponent's use of a fire power.


Basic Action

Create a cloud of smoke with a diameter equal to your Create roll in meters. Within this area, you can shape the smokescreen as you like. The change is instantaneous and normally lasts for one scene; drafts and wind can disperse the cloud in a round.

The smoke is opaque but not transparent; it is possible to see what is near you, but perception rolls and ranged attacks suffer a penalty of -1 per meter of distance and it provides cover to Sneak. At a distance greater than an observers Mind in meters, even obvious things become hidden. There are schticks and powers that allows sight trough obscurement; these work normally in the area.

Wall of Fire

Limit Break

A self-sustaining mass of flames that obscures vision and damages anything passing through. It can be transparent or misty and translucent, as you desire. The wall has a maximum length (in meters) equal to the Create roll. The maximum height is four meters and thickness one meter. It can curve or bend as you wish. The wall lasts for a scene. The wall provides Concealment (Dodge from 10 to 14 as desired) to anyone on the other side. Passing through the wall inflicts Fire Damage equal to your power skill rating; this attack always hits, but the target can substitute Dodge for Toughness to soak it as a Basic Action stunt.