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The tech levels of Action. Rather than adopting a numerical tech level, this is a set of named categories. For convenience, the names sort alphabetically in order of sophistication.

Tech levels are broad and overlapping. They are meant as broad categorizations of entire settings rather than to indicate local variation and technological advantage in a particular setting.

Relates to Technology Form, at the Hyperspace level Technology technological powers are pretty much the norm.


Antiquity to 500 BC. Tools are made of stone, organic materials, or soft metals like silver, gold, or bronze.


1000 BC to 1400 AD in Earth history. Iron slowly transforms the world, allowing better tools and the exploitation of new land and resources. The techniques of ironmaking improve a lot during this period, making iron much more common over time, but what you can actually do with it remains about the same.


1300 AD to 1800 AD. Refinements now allow flexible steel and precision machinery. Firearms conquer the world.


1750 to 1900 AD. Powered machinery frees humanity from much muscle labor, large-scale mechanical engineering is pretty much perfected.


1890 to 1950 AD. Internal combustion and electricity makes technology smaller and easier to handle, making technological items an everyday occurrence.


1940 to 2010 AD. Miniaturization and electronics is the key to this era. Nuclear power makes its debut. Computers are discovered and advance by leaps and bounds throughout this time.


2000 to Near future. Most utensils are now smart and networked to some degree. Technology goes under the human skin. Fossil fuels are gradually phased out.


Far future. Faster than light travel, time travel, teleportation, and other power effects become replicable trough technology. Force fields and energy beams are commonplace. What is possible is based more on the needs of the story than on any understanding of technology. Almost anything possible for Powers is normal at this tech level - in most cases, simply use Powers of the Technology Origin.