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Alter Size


You change the target's size and the size of all their carried equipment. This can have a set duration of up to one day, or be a Curse. Sufficient changes will also change the Body score. You can change Body by as many points as your Mind, potentially reducing an ogre to the size of a small child and vice versa.

If you increase Body, Reflexes is lowered by the same amount, but no lower than half the targets original Reflexes - further reductions are taken of Mind instead.

Reducing Body reduces Move and increases Reflexes by half as much each, but can make stunts such as escaping confinement and finding hiding places much easier.

This can be used as a plot hook to place players in a miniature world - in such cases their attributes are usually not changed, instead the setting is altered to fit their new scale.

Dimension Door

Basic Action

You can disappear, only to appear moments later in another location. You teleport to another location; roll for this as if it was a ranged attack against a Dodge of 5, with normal Range modifiers. Cover is very common when teleporting. When calculating Cover, teleportation treats anything infused with powers, living, ferrous, containing lead, or firmly anchored in the ground as hard cover - other obstructions are merely concealment.

On a failed roll, you either fail to teleport or suffer a Setback, as appropriate.

Holding Space

Basic Action

You can access a personal extra-dimensional space, useful for storage. It is a Basic Action to put something into or to take something out of this space. Objects in this space are not generally accessible to others but do not have plot immunity and can be stolen with an interaction Setback. You must be capable of lifting the object to move it into or out of this space. Your lifting can be assisted, which usually increases the time required a lot. No creature can enter the space, only reach into it to access the things inside. A holding space can carry a large quantity of goods, add your Mind to your Body to see how much you can carry.

Teleport Stance


This stance can turn normal movement into teleportation. When you take a Basic Action, you can teleport some or all of the distance you'd normally move. Such movement is not an action; it is only the movement part of a normal action. You must have a clear and unobstructed line of sight to the target spot, but you can do several small teleports to move around corners or one long teleport to cover an obstacle such as a pit. As a Full Move, you can teleport a distance equal to your Maneuver in meters.