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Arcane Arena

Limit Break

You transport yourself, your allies, a target and the target's immediate allies into an arcane reflection of the physical world. This cannot be more creatures than your Ride roll; if more creatures than that would be affected, the power fails. You make a Ride roll to see how many targets you can affect, the power fails if more creatures than that would be moved.

The place you appear at is the same as the physical world in all respects, except that only creatures affected by this power are there and that it appears more vivid and colorful, less drab and worn. Any damage done to objects or structures in the area do not translate to the real world.

The power lasts for one scene, until the two sides lose contact, until you choose to end it (a Basic Action), or until dispelled or broken with an appropriate Setback scored on you. When the power ends, all targets return to the normal world in their current location in the arcane arena.

Calculate Location

Limit Break

You learn the physical location of an object or creature. You must have enough information about the target to describe it uniquely; if you have a general description you will find the nearest target that fits the description. This can include name, number, origin, dat of origin, or a physical description. You can use this to discern your own location if you are lost. It can also be used to analyze a teleport performed in the area in the last hour, which tells you what teleported where.


Limit Break

In order to use this power, you must possess a part of the target's body (hair, blood, nail clippings, or a body part) or an item very dear to the target. You use contagion along with some other power that is a Basic Action, and this power will affect the target as if you were touching, regardless of range. The target feels a premonition of the incoming power, and cannot be surprised.