Dispel Metal (Action Powers)

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Dispel Metal

Limit Break

Age of
Three days 12
One Month 14
One year 16
A decade 18
A century 20
A millennium 22
Ten millennia 24

You can end the effects of other powers. You can only dispel powers you know of (though a vague description, such as "whatever is making Bert turn green" is ok). You can try to dispel a single Finisher, Limit Break, or any power that has been in effect for a week or more, or you can try to dispel all powers except those mentioned above on one creature or in an area with a diameter equal to your Mind. When dispelling several powers at once, you can choose to ignore some of them as long as you know of each power you want to make an exception for.

A power that has been dispelled cannot be used again by that creature in this scene, and another creature that tries to use the same power in the same general area must match your Know with the stunt the power is used with, or it fails.

This will not negate a Curse, but will tell you how to defeat the curse if the roll is successful.

Inherent powers cannot be dispelled.

The difficulty is the skill of the most skilled creature involved in making the effect. Effects that have been around a long time are harder to dispel: see the table. Use the highest relevant difficulty.

You can dispel any power of the Metal form, a metal elemental or a metal object.


Limit Break

Dowsing involves the use of a dowsing fork or pendulum to locate something that is sought. You must have a clear image of what you seek. It can be either a specific item that a participant in the ritual has seen, or a general substance such as water or gold, in which case it detects the largest store of such material in range that was previously unknown to you. You can choose to set a maximum range not to be exceeded in order to limit the detection to a certain area.


Basic Action

You can cause a ferrous item or creature to rust. This weakens the object or creature. Make a Know check against the Dodge or Body of the target, a creature or object. On a success, you reduce the Body of a target with a metal body by two or lower all derived values such as damage or Toughness bonus of the target's metal equipment.