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Basic Action

You can move prodigious amounts of sand, and huge amounts of earth or even stone. Use 8 plus the armor value as the difficulty, each point of Outcome moves a cubic meter of earth Mind meters. Earth moved this way does not fly and moves too slowly to be an an effective attack, but can quickly create difficult terrain. Construction created this way is unstable and will soon collapse into piles of earth and debris - construction more complex than ditches and road banks need more careful attention. If the earth is to be worked with any amount of precision, you have to work slower. Over a longer period of time, this power does the work of a number of manual laborers equal to your skill roll. When used to directly hinder opponents, the difficulty us their Maneuver or 10 plus the armor value of the ground, whichever is higher. Affected targets lose three shots mired in the ground. For every two points out outcome, you affect another target. Large creatures increase the amount of outcome needed to affect several; the Outcome needed to affect an additional creature is one for every multiple of 5 the creature has in Body. Dig can also create difficult ground with a Free Running difficulty equal to your Create in an area in square meters equal to your Create roll (as long as you beat the difficulty to break up the ground, you can spread debris in a large area. You can perform all three functions of this power with each use of it, subject to what makes sense and looks good.

Earth Floater

Basic Action

You create an earth floater, a solid lump of earth hovering gently at your command. The Earth Floater has a Body equal to your Ride plus your Mind, a Move of 4 and carries things like a creature of this strength. You can make the earth floater of any size from one meter in diameter to your Mind meters in diameter. At full size it can comfortably carry a number of passengers equal to your Mind squared. If you sit on the disc it works like an open vehicle, if you move independently it you can make it trail after you, it can follow a simple navigational directions, or you can remote control it to move as a Basic Action as a Ride stunt with normal range penalties. You can dispel it as a Basic Action and it falls apart if you create a new one.


Limit Break

An intense but highly localized tremor rips the ground. The shock knocks creatures down, collapses structures, opens cracks in the ground, and more. The earthquake affects all terrain, vegetation, structures, and creatures in the area.

Earthquake affects an area with a radius equal to your Create roll. Make a separate Create roll against each target in the area.

  • Buildings: Make a Create check against 10 + Armor Value of each structure; on a success it collapses.
  • Underground: Natural caves will not collapse unless they have been extensively engineered, but underground construction can collapse just like normal construction.
  • Vegetation: Tall trees has a basic 50% chance to topple.
  • Creatures: Make a Create roll against the target's Maneuver skill. If the creature is inside a collapsed building, add +5 to the Create roll. On a success the target slips and looses 3 shots. On an Outcome matching their Reflexes the target is pinned or falls into a crevasse and needs to escape. Make a separate damage roll with Mind Concussion damage soaked by Reflexes.


Basic Action

You create a big puddle of mud with a diameter equal to your mind. This creates Difficult ground with a difficulty up to your Create. A creature caught in mud cannot take off and fly. On a hard surface, this puddle just covers the ground, but on earth the puddle has depth. You can also remove mud, swamp, and other soggy conditions in a similar area, creating soft but solid earth. The difficulty is the Difficult ground difficulty of what is currently there. Various earth-walking, sand walking, and water walking powers negates this effect, as does alternate modes of movement such as flight.

Roam the Earth

Limit Break

You stretch distance in an area, making any path traced through this area longer or shorter. The actual size of objects, creatures, and terrain features is not affected, only distances to be crossed. The area you affect must be natural or roughly worked ground terrain; this power will work in caves, ruins, rough mines and similar spaces but not inside intact buildings. This power can be used in three ways, to make distances longer in an area, to make distances longer in an area, or to accelerate travel. Either use lasts for a scene.

If distances are made longer you affect a real-world area with a diameter up to your Ride skill. Distances in this area are multiplied by your Mind, making ranges longer and movement slower.

If distances are made shorter you affect a real-world area with a diameter up to your Ride squared. Add your Mind to the Move of those using the compressed space. In combat, this effect lasts for a scene and affects all creatures in the area.

If used as a travel power, you can affect a group of willing travelers equal to your Mind or fewer, all of whim must be within Mind meters of you. Increase the effective Move of everyone in the group to your Ride skill. You can also ignore all but the most adverse terrain when traveling this way, but intelligent creatures in your path become obstructions. If an intelligent creature you cannot affect comes into the area covered, the power is negated.

Shape Terrain

Basic Action

You can change the shape of terrain in an area. This allows you to add or remove terrain features. You can affect sand, soil, rock, grave, dirt and similar materials; this will not work on areas of empty air or water and is hindered by artificial construction or living plants extensive enough to require a Free Running stunt.

You can increase the Free Running and Terrain Driving difficulty of each part of the area up to your Ride skill, or reduce it down to zero.

The difficulty of this power is the highest Free Running difficulty in the area, and each use of the power affects a circle with a diameter equal to your Mind. If the roll fails or the power is used in an area of artificial construction or heavy foliage you cannot reduce the Free Running in that spot and can increase it no higher than your Mind. You cannot try again until the current effect ends.

By placing spots of transposed terrain in a hexagonal patten with Mind meters between each hexagon, you can completely cover an area with repeated uses. The effect is permanent, but erodes rather quickly.

Shortcut Passage

Limit Break

You can teleport a number of creatures willing to follow your directions equal to your Mind from one location enclosed in stone to another. This is usually used in caves, but catacombs or labyrinths work just as well. It can even work in concrete business labyrinths, as long as there are no witnesses. You must guide the travels of this group, either by accompanying them or by giving them travel directions to follow. The teleport is subtle, targets will often be surprised that they arrived so soon. A Spot roll can detect that something odd happened.

Both the start and end of the teleport must not be observed by any intelligent creature that are not among those teleported and similar enough that the transition can pass unnoticed; this generally means you can travel from caves to caves, from labyrinths to labyrinths, or from sewers to sewers but not between different types of passages. The power will pick the closest suitable spot to arrive at if you don't know of a good spot.



Select a land vehicle or creature you touch; its Move is increased by +2 when running on the ground. You need not continue to touch it to maintain the stance.


Basic Action

You can dig a tunnel through the earth. Make a Ride roll against 5 plus the armor value of the material; if you succeed, you can proceed at normal speed (not running speed) this action, creating a tunnel others can crawl trough as long as their Body is not five greater than yours. If you fail, you are stuck but can try again on your next action.