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Dark Strike


You can make melee attacks that do Body +4 Enervation damage, soaked by Body.

Dark's Soft Whisper

Basic Action

An otherwise normal Melee attack you make enforces silence; no one can hear any sounds you or your target makes during the round that it occurs. If the attack misses, it is still silent, but your opponent is not silenced.



You create one or more melee weapons in your hand(s). These function exactly as normal weapons of the type you choose to create, but are constructs made of ephemeral materials and not of any particular material a creature might be vulnerable or resistant to. They disappear at the end of any round when it is not in your hand. You must be familiar with a weapon to create it this way.

This power can create flexible weapons like whips, lassos, flails, and nunchacks.

Enervating Touch

Stance (Damage Boost)

You can imbue a Melee or Shoot attack with an additional type of damage. The damage of the attack increases by +2. Against a target that has different soak values against the two types of damage, use the lesser soak value but decrease the damage by 2. Enervating Touch does disruption/enervation damage.

Hands Without Shadow

Basic Action

Make a strike seemingly coming out of nothing. Make a Normal Melee Attack attack against which your opponent can't use an Active Defense.

Soul of Darkness


You can use your body to do melee attacks that do Mind +2 Enervating damage, or more if you are using an Implement to improve damage. This is soaked with Body instead of Toughness.

Strike from Darkness

Basic Action

Make a Confident Martial Arts attack on an opponent who is unaware of your presence or intent to attack. If you hit, you inflict one extra Hit, in addition to any hits the damage of your attack may cause.