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Analyze Air

Basic Action

You can analyze the properties of any gas within reach, even if the gas is inside a container or otherwise separated from you. You learn the exact composition and properties of the gas and whether it has been affected by any powers recently.

You can sense the presence of gas at a distance. Make a skill roll and multiply the result by 10; this is the range in meters. Normally, you detect any type of gas (not normally very useful), but by concentrating on a particular type of gas you can eliminate all others.

Finally, you can use this to predict the weather and to sense if a weather pattern is natural or the result of power use.


Limit Break

As a preparation for using this power, you prepare a number of arrows, writing a possible answer to a question on each arrow. You must also add at least one blank arrow to the mix. When using this power, you ask a question and draw an arrow; it the power was successful, the arrow with the most relevant and correct answer will be drawn. If none of the answers were relevant or correct, you will draw a blank arrow.

Belomancy can only answer questions about things you will encounter within the next six hours, and can only give out information you would automatically notice during such encounters. Typical questions include "Which way to the dragon" or "what monster will I meet behind this door". Deeply analytical questions, such as "Who killed the duke", "what is the nature of life" or "should I get married" always draw a blank.

The difficulty of the check is either 5 + the number of arrows in the quiver, or the Spot of whoever the divination is directed against. As an alternative, a single arrow can be tossed in the air, if it is a direction you want. This has a minimum difficulty of 10.

Touch of Air


You gain an awareness of the air within your Mind meters. This extends your sense of touch to this distance, which means you can "see" without using your eyes. This sense does not extend through a gas-tight barrier, but does extend around corners.