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Earth is solid matter and the basis upon which all other things rest. The earth can be influenced and used by other forms, yet it remains earth. Earth powers can be slow and imprecise, but are often very powerful.

Alternate Names: Soil, Clay


Creature : Earth Elementals
Skill : Impress
Attribute : Body
Sense : Tremorsense
Mood : Passive, Restful, Confident
Blast: Blunt

Earth Cantrips

Basic Action

You can cause small amounts of pebbles, gravel, or sand to move, possibly weakening larger structures over time. You can affect the balance of a precariously placed stone. You can sense fault lines inside a solid object you touch, which can help in stonecutting, to evaluate, or to find fault lines or secret compartments. You can polish and spruce up stone, bringing out any pattern it might hold. You can cause crystal and reflective facets of stone to glimmer and actually glow strongly enough to illuminate an area.

Charm Earth

Charm Earth Elementals

Basic Action

You are supernaturally enchanting to certain creatures. You master whatever form of communication they use, even if you are normally unable to communicate with them at all.

Enchanting someone requires an opposed Charm roll. On an Outcome equal to the target's Mind, the target falls for your enchantment. On a lesser success you gain an advantage. A failed check interrupts the process, forcing you to look for a new opportunity at a later time.

Once someone has been enchanted, they will willingly follow and help you out. They seek to avoid conflict with their old allies, but if push comes to shove you cannot guarantee how they will react; they will try to avoid seeing you harmed, but they might make you a captive to save you later or even to have you at their mercy, or they might decide to throw in their lot with you and abandon their former allies. Someone who you have enchanted expects trust and help from you, but the enchantment breaks automatically only in the most blatant cases of maltreatment. If you are callous and disregard their interests they can make opposed Charm rolls against you to see through the enchantment. The same applies if a friend points out they have been charmed, but in this case it is an opposed roll against the friend's Charm skill and takes a Limit Break to do.

Enchantment normally wears off in about a weeks time, but can be maintained through continuous use of the power; it will last indefinitely if reapplied once per day. Even after the power ends you leave your targets with fond memories of you unless you mistreated them. Someone who realizes they have been enchanted and used can become vindictive or even downright hostile, but this is not the normal result.

This power only works on Earth Elementals.

Earth Inspiration

Trigger Action

You inspire others to be peaceful, confident, and self-assured. Whenever you or someone within Charm meters fails an action based on these virtues, you can take a trigger action to give him an immediate reroll. If the original roll was Confident or Stymied it remains so. This applies to most uses of Impress, and to other skills and rolls as determined my the GM.


Limit Break

You can create clothes. This can be fabulously rich, lined with precious metals and speckled with diamonds or pearls. Or it can just be stylish, even minimalist, but of exquisite cut and style. You can mimic gang colors, uniforms, and really any apparel you like. The kit can include minor accessories like a handbag or dress sword, but any weapon so created is unreliable and can be of no more than medium size. The items created last your Mind hours, usually more than enough for a social event. After that time, they gradually lose their splendor, turning into rags in about an hour.

A creature wearing an outfit you made specifically for it to wear in a specific scene and setting, all Charm rolls are routine. If the scene changes in unexpected ways, such as a soiree turning into a hostage drama, the bonus no longer applies.

Stone Stamina

Limit Break

You give yourself or another creature you touch a bonus of +3 to Body for the rest of the scene.

Create Earth

Analyze Earth

Basic Action

You can analyze the properties of any solid object within reach. You learn the exact composition and properties of the object and whether it has been affected by any powers recently.

Finally, you can use this to detect tremors and other seismic phenomena and to sense if they are natural or the result of power use. You can predict natural tremors.

Craft Earth

Basic Action or Limit Break

You can create and repair objects out of earth that will perform as if they were basic items. In this way, you can create basic clothing, tools, arms, and armor of no more than Blacksmith sophistication that last for a scene. If you use a Limit Break to create items, they are permanent but still wear out faster than normal, lasting a week or so. The difficulty is the Toughness of the item; weapons and armor are made for a specific creature and have a difficulty equal to they damage or toughness they grant. Repairs have half the usual difficulty, but the same duration.

This is also useful for breaking and objects. You can do Demolish stunts against such objects as a basic action.

Earth Armor

Basic Action or Limit Break

You coat a willing target (which can be you) in protective rock. This increases Toughness by 3 points but is obvious, effectively Large. If you use this as a Basic Action, it lasts until the end of the scene, if you use it as a Limit Break it lasts for the rest of the session. You can maintain this armor on yourself between scenes, but not on others; to protect others you must use it in or right before each action scene.

Extra-Dimensional Earth

Basic Action

You ward an area, making the earth there impassible to teleportation. Any attempt to Teleport trough such objects has a minimum difficulty equal to your Create; if the Outcome was less than your Mind the teleport succeeded, but made an awful noise and dazed the teleportee, making him surprised.

Extradimensional Earth covers a radius equal to your Create roll and the area retains this power until it is damaged or even notched - a Basic Action and an opposed Create check can manage this.

X-Ray Eyes

Basic Action

You can see through solid objects, especially sand, earth, and stone. This allows you to find buried treasures, traps, and hidden doors with ease. The difficulty of seeing through a wall or barrier is 5 plus its armor value. If it is made of earth, sand, or stone you can see one meter per point of outcome through a barrier, otherwise you can only see through one-tenth of that.

Stone Shape

Limit Break

You can shape stone, creating statues or simple devices and bypassing locks and traps embedded in stone. You cannot make fine details or devices of more than Ancient Technology sophistication. Use 10 plus the armor value as the difficulty, every three points of Outcome shapes a cubic meter of earth or stone, with a minimum of a 30 cm cube of you fail to get an Outcome of 3.

Stone Trap

Limit Break

You can turn the ground into a treacherous Trap, an area of loose soil that appears normal but will not support any weight. The change is gradual; if quicksand is created beneath an opponent he can automatically escape. The trap remains for a number of hours equal to your skill roll and has a width + length that is also equal to the Create roll that created it. Anyone caught by the trap is encased in earth and cannot escape for the power's duration. They will not suffocate (or starve), though their companions may well give them up for dead. Vigorous digging by someone who is not caught and knows of the trap can free a victim - this is a Limit Break unless they have powers to move or shape earth.

Transmute Earth

Basic Action or Limit Break

This is a Transmutation power. If you have several Transmutation powers, you can transform things between the substances you have powers for. The difficulty is the Body/Mass of the object, or the Dodge of the wearer. Repairing objects has half the difficulty of creating them or the Create of the maker for very complex items. If you use a Basic Action the duration is one scene, after which the material will return to its natural shape. If you use a Limit Break to create items, they are permanent, but volatile substances and those that qualify as Items deteriorate at the end of a session unless paid for. Besides practical uses, this allows you to ignore the Resources column when Tinkering with this substance. This is also useful for breaking and damaging appropriate objects. You can do Demolish stunts against such objects as a Basic Action. Transmute Earth covers solids that are not metal or wood.

Wall of Earth

Limit Break

You can create a wall of earth that gains solidity as you advance in skill and power. The wall can be as long as the Create roll that created it, as high as your Mind and has a thickness of two meters. It cannot be created adjacent (within one meter of) a creature. A wall must be created in contact with the ground or solid foundations, but you can control its shape and by buttressing it can be used as a road, rampart or bridge, have a basic portal, catwalk and so on.

The wall has a Body equal to your Create + Mind and will erode naturally, but even under adverse conditions it should last a number of days equal to your Create roll. Damaging the wall will only harm a small section of it; weakening a two-meter section and potentially forming a tunnel.

Dodge Earth

Blunt Resistance

Basic Action

Add your Mind to your soak attribute against Blunt damage for the rest of the scene. You are normally assumed to do this at the beginning of each scene, but sometimes you may want to not do it to be more inconspicuous.

Concrete Focus


You can focus when in contact with concrete or stone construction.

Earth Shield

Trigger Action (Defense)

Use this when an attack would succeed against you. You create a barrier of earth between yourself and the attacker. This increases your Dodge by +3 and Toughness to Body +6 for this shot (this does not stack with armor or the bonus to Body from this power). You must be within Mind meters of a large chunk of earth to do this.

Earth Skin


You grow a thick, stony skin, giving you a Toughness of Body +3.

Earth Stance


You harden yourself against attacks by focusing. You increase your Toughness to Body +5. The armor is bulky—Large and Loud—but only when you wear it.

Focus of the Soil


You can focus when in contact with rich and fertile soil.

Rock Focus


You can focus when in contact with a natural rock formation.

Stone Body


You turn your body into powerful stone, increasing Body by +2. You become Noisy and reduce your Reflexes by 1.

Impress Earth

Dimensional Loadstone

Basic Action

Make an opposed Impress roll to prevent the target from using teleport powers for the rest of the scene.


Trigger Action (Defense or Combo)

You create a barrier of earth and stone with a Toughness equal to your Impress. It is about a meter square has a height up to your Mind in meters. It must be created in contact with a solid surface. If you create the Earthshield next to you, you have the option of being lifted up on top of it as it grows. The Earthshield crumbles pretty quickly and is reduced to rubble soon after the scene ends, even if it does not take any damage.

You can use Earthshield in many ways:

  • Create a barrier to block an attack (giving a +3 bonus on Dodge to either you or another.
  • Create a barrier to prevent someone from moving (which sets the Free Running difficulty of the move to your Impress). This works even against low-flying creatures, and if they fail the roll they land.
  • To assist an Impress stunt against creatures standing on the ground, allowing a reroll of a failed stunt by creating a pillar under the speaker, lifting him above his spectators.
  • To perform stunts using large amounts of unstable earth, such as putting out fire, spreading debris, and similar situation-specific stunts using your Impress to substitute for the skill normally used. In this case, the trigger action is in addition to the shots spent on the action itself (usually a Basic Action).

Summon Earth Elemental

Basic Action

You can seize a creature whose True Name you know through time and space and bring it into your presence. The creature must be in another dimension or juncture, and not currently summoned, imprisoned or otherwise occupied. You can summon one Henchman or a number of Minions of the same type equal to your Mind. It takes an Impress roll against the creature's Dodge or Impress to summon. The creature immediately makes an initiative check to see when it will next act, but this cannot be earlier than the shot in which it is summoned. In future rounds, the creature has its own initiative score. You can also use this power again on a creature (or group of unnamed creatures) you have summoned along with an Impress roll against the creature's Dodge or Impress, in order to extend your control over it until the end of the following round. During combat, you must succeed at this action each round or the creature will break free, but you can try repeatedly in each round. Out of combat, you only need to roll every scene, but any failed roll means you lose control of the creature. While a creature is under your control, you can order it to return to its home plane at any time. A creature that breaks free of control can choose to return on its own. Summoned creatures can also be Dispelled. You can also use this power to take control of a summoned creature did not summon yourself whose True Name you know. This requires an Impress roll against the creature's Dodge or Impress or against its summoner's Impress if he is present.

A creature cannot be ordered to perform deeds alien to its nature; an air elemental cannot be summoned into solid earth or water, an Epitome cannot act against its spiritual inclination, and so on. Summoned creatures can perceive your aura as you summon them. Their initial attitude depends on your reputation among this kind of creature and whether you have an allegiance or pact with them. In case of extreme misalignment, you may not even be able to summon them at all.

When you lose control of a summoned creature it usually returns home shortly; the creature knows anyone who knows its true name can seize control of it as noted above. But the creature might choose to remain on your plane indefinitely to act out its inclination. In order to acquire lengthy services you must bargain with the creature, or use a Power Experiment or other means to acquire its services. If you bargain a creature into a formal pact, it is considered controlled for as long as the conditions of the pact are met and cannot break the contract or return to its home until the pact expires.

This power only works on Earth Elementals.

Know Earth

Knowledge Stone

Limit Break

You imbue a stone with the ability to sense and store information. You need a man-size chunk of stone, a fist-sized rock crystal, or a tiny gem to enchant it this way. To interact with a knowledge stone requires concentration, even when just communicating. To someone passing by or ignoring it, a knowledge stone is inert. An knowledge stone can be set to twinkle or buzz to attract attention.

There are four ways to use a knowledge stone. The first is as a recording device useful as a camera or for spying. By leaving a knowledge stone in a location and instructing it to record, you can later return or retrieve the stone to watch what happened in its vicinity. Second, you can set it as a display, showing a message to anyone. The third is as an information storage device; recording and retrieving information like a a journal or library would. The fourth is as a communication device; by attuning (a separate Limit Break when holding two Knowledge Stones) it becomes possible to communicate verbally and visually.

Peace on Earth

Limit Break

Age of
Three days 12
One Month 14
One year 16
A decade 18
A century 20
A millennium 22
Ten millennia 24

You can end the effects of other powers. You can only dispel powers you know of (though a vague description, such as "whatever is making Bert turn green" is ok). You can try to dispel a single Finisher, Limit Break, or any power that has been in effect for a week or more, or you can try to dispel all powers except those mentioned above on one creature or in an area with a diameter equal to your Mind. When dispelling several powers at once, you can choose to ignore some of them as long as you know of each power you want to make an exception for.

A power that has been dispelled cannot be used again by that creature in this scene, and another creature that tries to use the same power in the same general area must match your Know with the stunt the power is used with, or it fails.

This will not negate a Curse, but will tell you how to defeat the curse if the roll is successful.

Inherent powers cannot be dispelled.

The difficulty is the skill of the most skilled creature involved in making the effect. Effects that have been around a long time are harder to dispel: see the table. Use the highest relevant difficulty.

You can dispel any power of the Earth form or which otherwise affects solid objects (not creatures) or an earth elemental creature.

Stone Stance

Limit break

Select one stance when you use this power. That stance remains active for you until the next time you use this power, with no shot cost at the start of an action scene.

This is a meta-power that affects other powers. In some campaign worlds there is a strong Origin Divide among different origins. Check with your GM regarding your campaign. Origins that are opposed cannot cannot be modified by meta-powers; it is as if powers from the opposing origin was actually a schtick rather than a power.

Visions of Stone

Limit Break

You protect a location floored or enclosed in stone with a radius up to your Know in meters. Anyone trying to detect or remotely sense the area gets only a vision of the stone in the area unless they score an Outcome on their skill roll matching your Know.

The effect is permanent.

Maneuver Earth



You (and only you) can move through the earth by burrowing. When you try to move through earth or stone, make a Confident Maneuver check with a difficulty of 8 plus the armor value of the material. This is not an action unless you fail the roll. If you fail by a margin less than your Reflexes, you need to focus on moving to the extent that the move itself counts as a Basic Action - if you planned to do something after the move you cannot, if you acted before moving the movement fails. If the negative outcome matches your Reflexes you suffer a Setback.

Earth Elemental Form

Limit Break

You assume the form of another creature decided when you gain the power. You must have created a variant form for yourself using your normal points and limits. If you do not have such a creature description ready, you cannot use this power. This creature cannot have higher value in any particular skill than you do. You can add powers of the same form the creature has and keep schticks and powers you already have, but you cannot otherwise add powers or schticks. This power cannot be used to imitate a specific individual; you remain yourself in mannerisms and detail while changing race, species, and creature type.

You remain in this form for a scene or until you fall asleep or unconscious or will yourself back to your normal form (a Basic Action). You can learn this power several times to learn to transform into several different creatures.

You can only assume the form on an Earth Elemental with this power.

Earth Feet


Your movement is unhindered, as long as you are in contact with the earth. Sand, broken ground, caltrops, pebbles, slopes, walls, and steps no taller than you are, all can be easily moved through. Halve the Free Running difficulty as long as you are in contact with a solid surface.

Levitating Rock


You ride a large rock, moving through the air instead of along the ground. The rock is large and clumsy enough that it is hard for you to fly in constricted spaces.


Basic Action or Finisher

You can turn yourself to stone as a basic action or turn an opponent to stone as a finishing move. This can either be a stone statue, a basic lump of rock, encasement in mineral substances, or a merger with existing stone or rock. It can be an useful item, such as a stairway, portal, or wall section. In either case size remains roughly the same, but mass is increased by a factor of four or so.

Someone who is petrified can take no actions and has only very basic sensory impressions of the surrounding. Biological functions and needs stop and this dulls the sense of time; if there are no stimuli to remember, eons seem to pass in moments. Add the targets Dodge value to the soak attribute against all types of damage.

This is a Curse, but you can use a basic action to break the effect at any time while touching the target.

Melee Earth

Calcifying Touch


You can make a Melee Attack - either the basic stunt or using some other stunt, schtick, or power. Damage is your Mind +2. This is Neurotoxin damage soaked with Body.

You gradually turn the target and his gear to stone or encase them in stone. For each Hit you inflict, the target loses one point of Reflexes and one shot from his shot counter, but gains one point of Toughness. If the target's Reflexes are reduced to zero, he is petrified and helpless, this is a Curse. Lesser transformations and Reflex losses reverse themselves as the Hits are recovered.

Diamond Edge

Stance (Damage Boost)

You imbue a melee weapon with the power of stone, covering it with heavy rocks or sharp crystals. This increases the damage rating of the attack by +2. This is physical damage of the same type the weapon normally does. A weapon that does not do physical damage cannot benefit form this power.

You can only benefit from one damage-boost stance at a time.


Limit Break

Standing on solid ground, you strike the earth, making it lash out against nearby enemies touching the same solid surface. You attack all enemies standing on the ground in a globe with a diameter of five meters meters with you at the center. Damage is Body +4 Blunt. You cannot use this power while flying, swimming, or otherwise not firmly grounded.

Heaven Cannon

Basic Action

Make an unarmed attack against an opponent for Body +4 Blunt damage soaked by Body; if successful, the opponent is thrown a number of meters equal to the damage margin in a direction of your choice. If the target is thrown, he also loses a shot regaining his balance.

Humility of the Soil

Trigger Action (Defense)

Brace yourself while touching the ground or against some other solid surface such as a concrete wall. You use the strength of the earth as a shield against a single attack, letting it take most of the damage. Substitute your Melee for your Toughness to soak damage for the shot.

Stone Mace


You create one or more melee weapons in your hand(s). These function exactly as normal weapons of the type you choose to create, but are constructs made of ephemeral materials and not of any particular material a creature might be vulnerable or resistant to. They disappear at the end of any round when it is not in your hand. You must be familiar with a weapon to create it this way.

This power can create maces, mauls, clubs, hammers, bucklers, and fist weapons.

Stone Skin

Trigger Action (Defense)

Your body is hard as stone, and anyone striking you is up for a jarring shock.

Use this power as you are hit in close combat. The attacker takes Blunt damage equal to your Body minus his attack outcome. If you use a Body-enhancing technique along with Stone Skin, the damage you inflict will increase. Does not work against a flexible weapon or grappling technique. This can be used at the same time as Humility of the Soil.

Stone Strike


You can make melee attacks that do Body +4 Blunt damage, soaked by Toughness. The strike is so massive that it cannot be Blocked or Parried. A flying target descends your Shoot meters and if it hits the ground, it cannot take off again in this round.


Trigger Action

Use this after you have take a Hit. Your opponent's attack starts a tremor in your body, building up for a future attack. Your next Melee attack is at +3 Action Value. Powers that give a bonus to attacks are not cumulative.

Sword in Stone

Trigger Action

When an opponent hits you with a Melee attack, you can make their weapon or limb get stuck in you. Make an opposed Melee check. On a success, the attacker must either lose three shots or is disarmed, their weapon stuck to you. On an outcome matching the attacker's Body, both effects happen. A creature that would be disarmed but does not use a weapon instead becomes unable to take Trigger Actions until their next shot comes up. An unarmed attacker that loses shots lose their next action, while an unnamed attacker that is disarmed is defeated.

Recon Earth

Earthy Guise


You can be as still as a rock and meld into the terrain. You can take on the coloring and texture of earth, either local or a specific type of stone you are thinking of. You can also mimic a statue or large rock and use these forms as camouflage. When you are in contact with earth or stone, you can Sneak as if you had concealment and move without breaking hide.

Sense Earth

Basic Action

You can sense the presence of solid objects at a distance. Make a skill roll and multiply the result by 10; this is the range in meters. Normally, you detect any type of solid object (not normally very useful), but by concentrating on a particular shape or composition you can eliminate all others. This lets you locate either objects of a basic shape (such as pistols or wheels) or specific substances (such as gunpowder or rubber). You must make an opposed Recon check to sense a creature that is Sneaking or an object in such a creature's possession.


Basic Action and Stance

You can create an opening through sand, earth or stone. Use 5 plus the armor value as the difficulty, the Outcome must exceed the thickness of the barrier (in meters), or nothing happens. If you succeed, it becomes possible to move through a part of the material, this is a teleporation effect. The portal remains open for the remainder of the round; you can keep it open longer as a stance. Passwall does not affect structural integrity.


Basic Action

You can sense and target objects and creatures within Recon meters, as long as you have a connection trough solid objects between yourself and what you are perceiving. This has the effects of a Scan stunt, and you automatically spot creatures in this area who are not Sneaking, even if they would be impossible to sense with your normal senses.

Ride Earth


Basic Action

You can move prodigious amounts of sand, and huge amounts of earth or even stone. Use 8 plus the armor value as the difficulty, each point of Outcome moves a cubic meter of earth Mind meters. Earth moved this way does not fly and moves too slowly to be an an effective attack, but can quickly create difficult terrain. Construction created this way is unstable and will soon collapse into piles of earth and debris - construction more complex than ditches and road banks need more careful attention. If the earth is to be worked with any amount of precision, you have to work slower. Over a longer period of time, this power does the work of a number of manual laborers equal to your skill roll. When used to directly hinder opponents, the difficulty us their Maneuver or 10 plus the armor value of the ground, whichever is higher. Affected targets lose three shots mired in the ground. For every two points out outcome, you affect another target. Large creatures increase the amount of outcome needed to affect several; the Outcome needed to affect an additional creature is one for every multiple of 5 the creature has in Body. Dig can also create difficult ground with a Free Running difficulty equal to your Create in an area in square meters equal to your Create roll (as long as you beat the difficulty to break up the ground, you can spread debris in a large area. You can perform all three functions of this power with each use of it, subject to what makes sense and looks good.

Earth Floater

Basic Action

You create an earth floater, a solid lump of earth hovering gently at your command. The Earth Floater has a Body equal to your Ride plus your Mind, a Move of 4 and carries things like a creature of this strength. You can make the earth floater of any size from one meter in diameter to your Mind meters in diameter. At full size it can comfortably carry a number of passengers equal to your Mind squared. If you sit on the disc it works like an open vehicle, if you move independently it you can make it trail after you, it can follow a simple navigational directions, or you can remote control it to move as a Basic Action as a Ride stunt with normal range penalties. You can dispel it as a Basic Action and it falls apart if you create a new one.


Limit Break

An intense but highly localized tremor rips the ground. The shock knocks creatures down, collapses structures, opens cracks in the ground, and more. The earthquake affects all terrain, vegetation, structures, and creatures in the area.

Earthquake affects an area with a radius equal to your Create roll. Make a separate Create roll against each target in the area.

  • Buildings: Make a Create check against 10 + Armor Value of each structure; on a success it collapses.
  • Underground: Natural caves will not collapse unless they have been extensively engineered, but underground construction can collapse just like normal construction.
  • Vegetation: Tall trees has a basic 50% chance to topple.
  • Creatures: Make a Create roll against the target's Maneuver skill. If the creature is inside a collapsed building, add +5 to the Create roll. On a success the target slips and looses 3 shots. On an Outcome matching their Reflexes the target is pinned or falls into a crevasse and needs to escape. Make a separate damage roll with Mind Concussion damage soaked by Reflexes.


Basic Action

You create a big puddle of mud with a diameter equal to your mind. This creates Difficult ground with a difficulty up to your Create. A creature caught in mud cannot take off and fly. On a hard surface, this puddle just covers the ground, but on earth the puddle has depth. You can also remove mud, swamp, and other soggy conditions in a similar area, creating soft but solid earth. The difficulty is the Difficult ground difficulty of what is currently there. Various earth-walking, sand walking, and water walking powers negates this effect, as does alternate modes of movement such as flight.

Roam the Earth

Limit Break

You stretch distance in an area, making any path traced through this area longer or shorter. The actual size of objects, creatures, and terrain features is not affected, only distances to be crossed. The area you affect must be natural or roughly worked ground terrain; this power will work in caves, ruins, rough mines and similar spaces but not inside intact buildings. This power can be used in three ways, to make distances longer in an area, to make distances longer in an area, or to accelerate travel. Either use lasts for a scene.

If distances are made longer you affect a real-world area with a diameter up to your Ride skill. Distances in this area are multiplied by your Mind, making ranges longer and movement slower.

If distances are made shorter you affect a real-world area with a diameter up to your Ride squared. Add your Mind to the Move of those using the compressed space. In combat, this effect lasts for a scene and affects all creatures in the area.

If used as a travel power, you can affect a group of willing travelers equal to your Mind or fewer, all of whim must be within Mind meters of you. Increase the effective Move of everyone in the group to your Ride skill. You can also ignore all but the most adverse terrain when traveling this way, but intelligent creatures in your path become obstructions. If an intelligent creature you cannot affect comes into the area covered, the power is negated.

Shape Terrain

Basic Action

You can change the shape of terrain in an area. This allows you to add or remove terrain features. You can affect sand, soil, rock, grave, dirt and similar materials; this will not work on areas of empty air or water and is hindered by artificial construction or living plants extensive enough to require a Free Running stunt.

You can increase the Free Running and Terrain Driving difficulty of each part of the area up to your Ride skill, or reduce it down to zero.

The difficulty of this power is the highest Free Running difficulty in the area, and each use of the power affects a circle with a diameter equal to your Mind. If the roll fails or the power is used in an area of artificial construction or heavy foliage you cannot reduce the Free Running in that spot and can increase it no higher than your Mind. You cannot try again until the current effect ends.

By placing spots of transposed terrain in a hexagonal patten with Mind meters between each hexagon, you can completely cover an area with repeated uses. The effect is permanent, but erodes rather quickly.

Shortcut Passage

Limit Break

You can teleport a number of creatures willing to follow your directions equal to your Mind from one location enclosed in stone to another. This is usually used in caves, but catacombs or labyrinths work just as well. It can even work in concrete business labyrinths, as long as there are no witnesses. You must guide the travels of this group, either by accompanying them or by giving them travel directions to follow. The teleport is subtle, targets will often be surprised that they arrived so soon. A Spot roll can detect that something odd happened.

Both the start and end of the teleport must not be observed by any intelligent creature that are not among those teleported and similar enough that the transition can pass unnoticed; this generally means you can travel from caves to caves, from labyrinths to labyrinths, or from sewers to sewers but not between different types of passages. The power will pick the closest suitable spot to arrive at if you don't know of a good spot.



Select a land vehicle or creature you touch; its Move is increased by +2 when running on the ground. You need not continue to touch it to maintain the stance.


Basic Action

You can dig a tunnel through the earth. Make a Ride roll against 5 plus the armor value of the material; if you succeed, you can proceed at normal speed (not running speed) this action, creating a tunnel others can crawl trough as long as their Body is not five greater than yours. If you fail, you are stuck but can try again on your next action.

Shoot Earth



You can make a Ranged Attack - either the basic stunt or using some other stunt, schtick, or power. Damage is Mind +2, or more if you are using an Implement to improve damage. This is Neurotoxin damage soaked with Body.

You gradually turn the target and his gear to stone or encase them in stone. For each Hit you inflict, the target loses one point of Reflexes and one shot from his shot counter, but gains one point of Toughness. If the target's Reflexes are reduced to zero, he is petrified and helpless, this is a Curse. Lesser transformations and Reflex losses reverse themselves as the Hits are recovered.

Earth Javelin


You can make a Ranged Attack - either the basic stunt or using some other stunt, schtick, or power. Damage is Body +2, or more if you are using an Implement to improve damage. You create and hurl a stone spear, which does physical damage of the blunt subtype.


Basic Action

You use this to prevent a creature from using special movement modes, such as flight, swimming, wall walking, burrowing and the like. All it can do is move along the ground (or sea bottom). Make a Shoot check against Dodge, on a success the special movement mode is negated for the rest of the round. On an outcome matching the target's Reflexes the special movement is negated for the rest of the scene. A creature that would be stuck in a dangerous position due to this maneuver can still move to safety, but can perform no Basic Actions or Limit Breaks until they are safely on the ground.

Hurl Rock


You can make a Ranged Attack - either the basic stunt or using some other stunt, schtick, or power. Damage is Mind +2, or more if you are using an Implement to improve damage. You create and shoot a clump of rock with great force, which does physical damage of the blunt subtype. The missile is so massive that it cannot be Deflected. A flying target descends your Shoot meters and if it hits the ground, it cannot take off again in this round.


Basic Action

You hit the target with a truly massive ram of earth. This is a ranged attack that hits poorly but does a great deal of Blunt damage when it hits. Use your Mind as the attack skill, damage is your Shoot + Body.


Limit Break

You can blast everyone in a globe with a diameter equal to your Mind in meters. Damage is Mind +2, or more if you are using an Implement. Make a separate attack roll against each target, including friends and bystanders. Rockfall creates large falling rocks that do physical damage of the blunt subtype. A flying target descends your Shoot meters and if it hits the ground, it cannot take off again in this round. The missile is so massive that it cannot be Deflected.