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Charm Earth Elementals

Basic Action

You are supernaturally enchanting to certain creatures. You master whatever form of communication they use, even if you are normally unable to communicate with them at all.

Enchanting someone requires an opposed Charm roll. On an Outcome equal to the target's Mind, the target falls for your enchantment. On a lesser success you gain an advantage. A failed check interrupts the process, forcing you to look for a new opportunity at a later time.

Once someone has been enchanted, they will willingly follow and help you out. They seek to avoid conflict with their old allies, but if push comes to shove you cannot guarantee how they will react; they will try to avoid seeing you harmed, but they might make you a captive to save you later or even to have you at their mercy, or they might decide to throw in their lot with you and abandon their former allies. Someone who you have enchanted expects trust and help from you, but the enchantment breaks automatically only in the most blatant cases of maltreatment. If you are callous and disregard their interests they can make opposed Charm rolls against you to see through the enchantment. The same applies if a friend points out they have been charmed, but in this case it is an opposed roll against the friend's Charm skill and takes a Limit Break to do.

Enchantment normally wears off in about a weeks time, but can be maintained through continuous use of the power; it will last indefinitely if reapplied once per day. Even after the power ends you leave your targets with fond memories of you unless you mistreated them. Someone who realizes they have been enchanted and used can become vindictive or even downright hostile, but this is not the normal result.

This power only works on Earth Elementals.

Earth Inspiration

Trigger Action

You inspire others to be peaceful, confident, and self-assured. Whenever you or someone within Charm meters fails an action based on these virtues, you can take a trigger action to give him an immediate reroll. If the original roll was Confident or Stymied it remains so. This applies to most uses of Impress, and to other skills and rolls as determined my the GM.


Limit Break

You can create clothes. This can be fabulously rich, lined with precious metals and speckled with diamonds or pearls. Or it can just be stylish, even minimalist, but of exquisite cut and style. You can mimic gang colors, uniforms, and really any apparel you like. The kit can include minor accessories like a handbag or dress sword, but any weapon so created is unreliable and can be of no more than medium size. The items created last your Mind hours, usually more than enough for a social event. After that time, they gradually lose their splendor, turning into rags in about an hour.

A creature wearing an outfit you made specifically for it to wear in a specific scene and setting, all Charm rolls are routine. If the scene changes in unexpected ways, such as a soiree turning into a hostage drama, the bonus no longer applies.

Stone Stamina

Limit Break

You give yourself or another creature you touch a bonus of +3 to Body for the rest of the scene.