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Bounty of Spirit

Basic Action

You bless a creature and provide him with sustenance lasting a day. Even just a little nourishment will let the creature stay well and healthy, and even in the total absence of air the creature can survive, but still takes damage from Endurance and Hold Breath, but will not die or suffer any permanent harm falling into a deep sleep at zero hits. You can provide for a number of people each day equal to the number of kilos carried by a creature with a body equal to your Ride.


Limit Break

You establish a link with another, through which powers can be channeled. You must touch the target to establish the link. The two of you have a weak empathic link; you cannot transmit specific information, but you both know the other's general mood and health. It is common to use other powers to get more specific information, at least in times of stress, doing so makes the channel power much more useful.

When this power is active, any power either of you uses can manifest through the other, just as if the other character was using the power (tough it is still based on the actual user's skills and attributes). If the power is to target anything other than the other linked character, the linked character needs to take a Trigger Action to target the effect.

The link lasts until the end of the story or until either of you enters another link that allows the transfer of powers.


Basic Action

You channel one Fortune Point to another character, who need not be present. You spend this point, and the target receives it, replenishing any lost Fortune points. If this leaves the target with more than a full Fortune pool, the points must be spent before the end of the scene or they return to you. Intercession works over any distance; you only need a clear image in your mind of the person you are interceding for.


Trigger Action (Defense)

Use this power when you take damage or suffer a finisher. You die and go to whatever place your spirit is destined to go, but you can come back from this place and reappear in the mundane world at a later time. While "dead" you cannot be affected in any way, except possibly with Summon powers. You reappear at the gamemaster's discretion, generally in the next session but possibly later. Your reappearance is linked to the plot and tied to your allies rather than to a place or to enemies.

Sacred Teleport

Limit Break

You Teleport up to Mind willing creatures (which can include yourself) to a sacred site. To teleport to a spiritual site, you must have been there and attuned yourself to it using this power. If you are attuned to several sacred sites, you can select which of these sites to recall to another use of this power. This selection remains until you change it. To serve as a sacred site, a place needs to be consecrated to a faith you share, and there must be some kind of iconography there to show its significance. If the site is destroyed or defiled, it can no longer be used until it is restored. Once it is restored, any sacred recall links to the site are automatically restored as well.

Spirit Rider

Basic Action

You carry an aura of spiritual purity along with you until the end of the next round. Creatures within Ride meters and to all who can see you are affected, but those who share your faith are not. In case of doubt, you decide who shares your faith. Creatures in this area who try to use the Impress skill or any Teleport powers have a minimum difficulty equal to your Ride. Creatures that share your faith or credo are immune.