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Activate Machine

Basic Action

You activate a machine or device, making it perform its intended function. A trap will spring, a vehicle move, a door open and so on. If the device is capable of continuous operation, you have started it up but it might further guidance to continue to work - in this case the power only lasts while you are operating the device. In many cases this requires a Create roll to do successfully, using the normal difficulty but overcoming limitations due to lack of tools or proficiency.

The main use of this is to overcome security limitations on who can activate a device, so some people consider it a misuse of order - using the intent of the machine (to function) against the limitations imposed upon it trough security. Some see this as a perversion or order, others see it as invoking a state of perfect function.

Meliorate Machine

Limit Break

You repair a damaged or destroyed machine or object, restoring it to full functionality. You must have at least 95% of the parts, or replacement materials and a good working knowledge of the object to be repaired. This power is geared to personal objects; anything larger than a van might require several applications of the power to restore various sub-systems.

Perpetuum Mobile

Basic Action

You invoke order over an item, usually a vehicle or other machine. This reduces wear and tear on the machine, making it perform its intended function flawlessly without need for maintainable. This does not prevent intentional damage to the object, but prevents fumbles when operating it, reduces fuel or power cinsumption by half, and removes any penalties the device might impose due to damage, design flaws, or whatever.

This power lasts as long as you remain in the general presence of the machine - usually within a hundred meters or so. Invoking this over a large machine involves many, many applications of the power, taking hours or even days for huge things like battleships.


Basic Action

You link a set of objects equal to your Mind, preferably ones that are resonant, such as metal blades or sea shells. Any sound near one of these objects is transmitted to all the others, in a very muted form. Speaking directly to the object transmits the speech to all the other objects in the set. This works somewhat like a normal open radio channel; allowing communication over long distances with the same kind of requirement for communication discipline. The range is equal to your skill in kilometers. The power lasts for a session. You can-de attune items from the set and attune new items each time you use the schtick, but the number of attuned items can never be higher than your Mind.