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Cure Ailment

Limit Break

This negates any biological damage; infection, neurotoxin or poison. The difficulty of cure ailment is the damage or skill value powering the effect. Cure Ailment removes any lingering effect and prevents future damage from this ailment; it does not cure hits already taken. It also removes mundane infection, disease, and other ailments, but does not help against Limitations, curses, or disabilities. Some severe or plot-related ailments are considered curses and cannot be treated with this power, tough it does give the first step; information on what needs to be done.

Curse of the Crone


You can change the targets age to any age you want. This is a Curse. This is always a shock to the targets social life, making them hard to recognize and testing friendships and loyalties severely. Any contacts checks the target makes are Stymied. If you make the target into a child, you can reduce the target's Body down to 3 under their racial minimum and give them the Kid limitation. If you make the target elderly, you can reduce Reflexes down to 3 points below their racial minimum, body by up to three, and give them the Elderly limitation. This age change is real, and will affect the target's remaining lifespan. Living and adjusting to their new age removes the contact check limitation after a year.

Dispel Life

Limit Break

Age of
Three days 12
One Month 14
One year 16
A decade 18
A century 20
A millennium 22
Ten millennia 24

You can end the effects of other powers. You can only dispel powers you know of (though a vague description, such as "whatever is making Bert turn green" is ok). You can try to dispel a single Finisher, Limit Break, or any power that has been in effect for a week or more, or you can try to dispel all powers except those mentioned above on one creature or in an area with a diameter equal to your Mind. When dispelling several powers at once, you can choose to ignore some of them as long as you know of each power you want to make an exception for.

A power that has been dispelled cannot be used again by that creature in this scene, and another creature that tries to use the same power in the same general area must match your Know with the stunt the power is used with, or it fails.

This will not negate a Curse, but will tell you how to defeat the curse if the roll is successful.

Inherent powers cannot be dispelled.

The difficulty is the skill of the most skilled creature involved in making the effect. Effects that have been around a long time are harder to dispel: see the table. Use the highest relevant difficulty.

You can dispel any power of the Life form or that affects a plant or a natural, living creature. This is normally any creature that is Plant, Animal, or Folk.

Eternal Life

Trigger Action (Combo)

You do not age and have lived a very long time. For each schtick you take in Eternal Life, you have lived about about fifty years more than a typical character. You have great experience and have lived through many things, so whenever you are unsatisfied with a knowledge roll, you may roll again to represent things learnt during your long life. The GM should slant such information based on the time it is from. You can make a number of rerolls equal to your number of Eternal Life schtick picks.

Eternal Life has a drawback; you are less energetic and driven, causing you to do less in downtime.

Heal Wounds

Limit Break

You heal three Hits or remove the effect of a Damage Setback from a touched living creature. The difficulty is the damage value of the attack that caused the damage or the skill value of who or whatever caused the problem.

Requite Life

Basic Action or Finisher

Make a Know check against the target's Dodge to link a living target's life force to those around him. Whenever the target harms another living creature, he risks taking damage himself. He must make an opposed Body check against the creature he just damaged, on a failure he too takes the effect of the hit he just inflicted on that creature. This is Wounding damage. A creature resistant to Wounding damage can use his soak value against such damage to make the check. This effect lasts until the end of the next round. As a Finisher it becomes a Curse.