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Dimensional Anchor

Basic Action

Make an opposed Impress roll to prevent the target from using teleport powers for the rest of the scene.

Planar Prison

Basic Action or Finisher

You try to send the target into a planar prison, a small plane that holds only the creatures you affected by this power. Make an opposed Impress check. On a success, the target loses 3 shots to resist imprisonment. On an Outcome matching the target's Reflexes, it is sent to the planar prison. While there, it can try to find a way out. As a Basic Action it can make a Ride check against your Impress to return to where it was. It can also use any planar travel abilities it has to exit the prison, but once it does so it loses the option to return outlined here. You can spend a Basic Action to communicate with an imprisoned creature, which can include any Basic Action covered by the Charm or Impress skills. If you use this as a Finisher, the target is unable to free themselves and must be freed by an outside agent.

Plane Shift

Limit Break

You teleport to a location on another plane where you have a bound Teleport Circle. If you lack such a bound circle, you can teleport to a plane you can identify uniquely. Planes of existence have unique identifiers such as runes, harmonic notes, hyper-spatial coordinates, IP addresses, or serial numbers. If you teleport to a plane known this way, you arrive at a random spot of open terrain, generally within 1d6 days travel of your true destination.

Summoning Pact


You bind with the target with a pact that allows you to summon it even if it is on the same plane you are. This is a Curse. When summoned, the creature is teleported to your location and arrives fully prepared and equipped, even if it was not so in the location it came from. The creature and all gear reappears where it originally was when the summoning ends. You can order the creature to fight for you, but you cannot order it to betray friends or divulge secrets. If the creature suffers a Damage Setback it immediately returns with zero remaining Hits but otherwise unharmed. This might break the Curse depending on story needs.

Teleport Pull

Basic Action

Succeed at an opposed Impress against the target to Teleport it to a location within a number of meters of you equal to your Impress check you where he can stand safely. You can choose to exchange places with the creature. You can use this power against friends under suitable circumstances. You can also use this to fetch objects you are strong enough to carry, but against objects carried on a creature this works like a Disarm stunt using your Impress skill, and even unattended objects near a creature can be defended using the Interpose stunt.

You can also do this over any distance (ignoring range and concealment) against a creature whose True Name you know.