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Arcane Calculations

Limit Break

You gain information about a person, place, or object through arcane means. This involves such methods as astrology, numerology, reading tea leaves, the I-ching and similar arcane methods of divination. This gives you answers to specific questions; the answer must be a few words or numbers. Range is not a factor. To gain information this way you make an opposed check against the targets' Recon. You gain valuable information based on the outcome of this roll; if the outcome matches the target's Mind you gain clear and important insights into the target's activities. On a failed roll, you learn obvious details and trivia; if the negative Outcome matches your Mind you learn misleading information or the target notices your spying.

Astral Sight

Basic Action

You shift your senses from the physical world to the astral, the world of spirit. Using astral senses, living creatures and power effects stand out clearly, while inanimate objects, especially industrially manufactured ones, are hard to discern. Objects with a strong empathic resonance are easy to see, while mass-produced objects who lack any psychic impressions appear fuzzy and ephemeral, with no discernible detail. You can find empathic traces of strongly emotional events by studying astral resonance.

You automatically spot active powers, including powers used as traps and creatures using powers to hide. In this way you automatically notice a creature that is sneaking and relying on concealment you can see through or using a power to conceal it. If a creature could sneak under the normal rules, without the help of a power, Astral Sight can still spot them, but gives no additional help. This works as a Scan stunt, except that it is bad at noticing very mundane things, as described above.

When using Astral Sight, you can see through smoke, fog, or darkness (even supernatural darkness), but not through solid objects. In a scene where have used astral sight, you are not considered blind in such conditions and can act normally. Creatures can still use such obscurement to sneak against you, but you can use astral sight again to spot them again.

Astral sight can find subtle clues left from powers or highly emotional events, as if using Search. This only tells you a power has been used, not what power or how it was used.

This is a meta-power that affects other powers. In some campaign worlds there is a strong Origin Divide among different origins. Check with your GM regarding your campaign. Origins that are opposed cannot cannot be modified by meta-powers; it is as if powers from the opposing origin was actually a schtick rather than a power. Astral sight won't automatically perceive powers or see through stealth powers against which it has an origin divide.

Calculate Location

Limit Break

You learn the physical location of an object or creature. You must have enough information about the target to describe it uniquely; if you have a general description you will find the nearest target that fits the description. This can be a name, number, birthdate, creation date, origin, or a physical description. You can use this to discern your own location if you are lost. It can also be used to analyze a teleport performed in the area in the last hour, which tells you what teleported where.