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Blood Ban


This Curse forbids the target from doing something. This must be a ban against a specific action, and precise and limited in scope. Acceptable examples include "do not reveal secrets of the Order of the Raven" or "Do not enter the town of Tadia". Open-ended or unclear bans, like "remain loyal to me" fail. The victim is aware of the ban and is warned when he is about to break it. There are no conditions or exceptions to the ban; even if the target is tricked or forced to break it, the ban activates. This does not end the curse; if the target survives or revives the Blood Ban is still there.

When the blood ban triggers, the target takes a Mortal Wound. For healing purposes, the damage value is considered equal to your Impress. You can chose to make the punishment a Finisher you (or an assistant) uses when placing the Blood Ban instead of simply trying to kill the target.

Cause Pain

Basic Action

Make an opposed Impress roll, on a success the target takes a Hit due to pain. If the Impress roll scores an Outcome matching the target's Body, it takes two Hits, but this is not considered a Damage Setback.

Crucible of Life

Limit Break

You can create artificial life, a chimera, an amalgam of physical and mental abilities from different creatures. You can only create physical, living creatures this way; Plants, Plant Elemental, Animal, or Folk. The sum of the creature's attributes can be no higher than your Impress; it is rare to see a chimera with much in the way of Mind. You can also create clones, physical duplicates of other creatures. This requires their True Name or a fresh blood sample. A creature created this way is barely alive; while it goes through the motions of life, it is a sterile automaton. It lacks motivation of its own, but will obey your orders without enthusiasm. To truly make the creature live takes Spark of Life. Of course, if all you want is a powerful bodyguard or servant, this is not needed, and Spark of Life actually lessens your control.


Basic Action or Finisher

Make an opposed Impress check to place retribution on a target. Whenever the target inflicts a Hit on a creature within 3 meters of the target, the target takes a Hit as well. As a Basic Action this lasts for the rest of the scene. As a Finisher, it is a Curse.

Spark of Life

Limit Break

This brings a spark of life to a dead matter. It can be used on someone who has been revived by Awaken the Dead as long as the body has been repaired enough that it is viable, and can also be used to give life to a body created with Fleshcraft or grown with Crucible of Life.

This is a highly dangerous power, and the creature brought to life often suffers from some defect. In other cases, the creator is overcome with revulsion for his new project. It is mostly included as a plot device. Also note that a creature awakened this way is not sentient; at best it can function on an animal level of intelligence unless it was sentient beforehand. Greater intelligence that that requires the Flower of Knowledge power.