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Animal Token

Basic Action

You bind a loyal animal into a small token. The animal is generally a mount or animal companion, but other tame animals loyal to you are also possible. No attribute of the animal can be greater than your Create. The animal disappears when this power is used, being bound into the small object. While in this token, the animal is asleep and does not age or need sustenance. You can activate the token as a Basic Action, and you can throw it up to Body meters as you do so. If there is not enough room at the target point for the animal to appear, it is displaced to the nearest free space. The token is also activated if it is removed from your person.

You can use this power on an animal whose loyalty is to another person; that person becomes the token's owner and counts as "you" in the description above.

Birthday Suit

Basic Action

You cause the targets clothes and worn gear to shrivel, disappear, or merge into their bodily form, leaving the target naked. This can be used to remove various restraints, gear or armor. It does not work on anything currently held in the hands, but makes carried gear useless. Make a Create check against the target's Create while the target is within reach. On a success, the target is nude, freed from restraints, and loses any carried gear and worn armor but can grab on to what his hands can carry and save that. Lost gear reappears at the end of the scene. On an Outcome matching the target's Reflexes all gear is permanently lost unless it was story-critical or otherwise plot protected.

The target might be humiliated by this power, but will not lose any shots or suffer shock because of this; the animalistic nature of the power overcomes such human inhibitions.

Burden of the Beast


You transform the target into a normal animal. The target keeps most of its original values, but you can rearrange the target's attributes - the sum cannot be higher than before, but can certainly be lower. No attribute can be higher than your Create or the targets maximum skill value, whichever is lower. The target also gains the Tool Ignorant limitation and suffers from Power Loss until he learns to adjust his power use to in his new form - at least until the next story. He can still speak.

This is commonly used to transform the target into a form that is almost helpless, like a toad (all attributes at one). You cannot transform the target into a form incapable of survival where he is - no fish on land.

This is a Curse.