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Cold Spell

Basic Action or Limit Break

As a Basic Action you can cause cold weather is a fairly small area, with a diameter equal to your Ride. With a Limit Break, the radius is ten times that. Temperature drops about thirty degrees Celsius (15 degrees Fahrenheit). The change is instantaneous and maintained by the power; it the power is disrupted natural weather conditions quickly return. Make an opposed Ride check against each target in the area who is not protected from cold. On a success the unseasonable cold sends creatures in search of shelter; those who have to remain outside huddle together around heaters and garbage-can bonfires, abandoning their posts, but they wont flee from an immediate threat. People unsuitably dressed and not near a heat source suffer one Hit from the cold at the end of the first round they spend in the cold but no more after that. Repeated uses can extend the area but not increase the effect.


Basic Action

Substitute your Move with your Ride when moving over ice or snow.

You can move your Ride in a straight line or along a frozen surface as a basic action. This is the only way you can use this increased speed, but you can do this as part of a chase.

If you are using the the Skate power, you can create your own icy surface to move along, effectively flying.


Basic Action

You can coat a section of floor or flat ground with sleet or ice, making it treacherous to walk on. Make a Ride roll, this is the radius of Sleet in meters. The Free Running difficulty of the area becomes equal to your Ride (this is your base skill, not modified as above). You can make the area smaller if you want. If you want to shape the sleet beyond making it a big puddle, the area becomes smaller; making it some simple geometrical form or excluding certain areas or making islands of safety gives a -2 penalty on the roll for each such manipulation. Range penalties also apply. The whole area must still be withing the radius. The sleet melts naturally; in warm climes it melts by the end of the scene, in cold climate it may last indefinitely.

Snow Shape

Basic Action

You can move prodigious amounts of snow and huge amounts of ice. Use 10 plus the armor value as the difficulty, each point of Outcome moves a cubic meter of ice or snow. Construction created this way is unstable and will soon collapse. If the ice and snow is to be worked with any amount of precision, you will work slower. Over a longer period of time, this power does the work of a number of manual laborers equal to your skill roll.

You can also use this to create an opening through ice or snow. Use 10 plus the armor value as the difficulty, the Outcome must exceed the thickness of the barrier (in meters), or nothing happens. The portal remains open a number of rounds equal to the Outcome, then gradually closes over the course of one round. It does not affect structural integrity.