Shapeshift Illusion (Action Powers)

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Assume Identity

Basic Action

You assume an identity of your invention. This is a facade, but you act, feel, and think according to this identity, at least as far as any but the deepest mind probes can determine. You have a fake personality, motivations, loyalties, and memories. This makes you the perfect deep cover agent. Your own personality remains in the background, dormant, but can suspend or reactivate Assume Identity as a Basic Action.

Someone under Assume Identity will register as the assumed identity would to all detection powers and other detection effects and his surface thoughts read as those of the assumed personality.

Assume Identity lasts until you end it, but grows in strength over time. If there is a major conflict of interests, a personality conflict can develop; this is a Curse.

Living Illusion


For you, illusions are real. You can walk on illusory bridges, gain nourishment from illusory feasts, and gain protection from illusory armor.

Turn to Illusion


You turn your target into an insubstantial illusory image of itself. In this form it has the Incorporeal limitation and suffers from Power Loss. This is a Curse. As an alternative, you can capture the creature's image on reflective surface, but if you do, destroying the thing that bears this surface breaks the curse. Merely disrupting the image does not break the curse; imprisoning someone on the surface of a reflecting pool means they will only appear when the pool is calm, but the pool itself must be destroyed to break the curse.


Basic Action

You create the illusion of motion for all creatures in a diameter equal to your Mind with an opposed Maneuver check. Targets can no longer move as a part of a Basic Action for the rest of the scene. On an outcome matching the target's Reflexes that target is affected for the rest of the session.