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Characters from the campaign, first a list the player characters, along with handwritten descriptions. The right column is for auto-generated characters from HyperCard, my registry of PCs and NPCs in Al-Qadim.

Spoiler Alert – Many descriptions contain information on scenarios and the various roles therein that players would do better without.

Most of the illustrations were made by Håkan Ackegård. Check out his Fantasy Archive.

  • Abdallah
    Orphan sailor of Muluk.

  • Abayele
    A slave bodyguard with a vengeance.

  • Anwar
    The monkey master of beggars.

  • Effinidih
    Flame sorceress with a destiny.

  • Jennikki
    A courtesan from the Great Harem, on leave.

  • Wenyi Shaonan
    A fanatic goblin hesabinah.

  • Yezeed
    The thief or Muluk.

  • Yusuff
    Adventuring Merchant; get your stuff from Yusuff


Starfox | Home | Campaigns | Al-Qadim | Characters

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