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This page is slowly and gradually becoming a composite of 5A, Action, and Pathfinder 1. The idea is to absorb Greyhawk pages, such as Greyhawk_(Action)

Races & Traits

Pathfinder racial level zero spells are cast at will, removing the daily usage limit. I do not use the rule that a character can only pick one trait of each category. If campaign traits are in use, one and only one trait must be a campaign trait. Otherwise no restriction, tough Greyhawk traits are preferred.

Cultural/Political Map - Regional Traits - Religious Traits - Combat Traits - Social - Magical Traits - Equipment Traits

"Society" in trait description can refer to any in-world organization the character is loyal too and who empathizes the trait.

These racial descriptions fill in the holes and connect to Earth stereotypes.



These are native to Nippon. See also Hengeyokai.



Campaign Locations Map

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