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Originally from BMCI, Rakasta are (and always were) catlike humanoids from a Japanese setting. They use the rules for Pathfinder Catfolk. Rakasta or Neko are found at all levels of society. They do well as archers, light troops, hunters, bandits, entertainers, and servants. The neko ninja are justly infamous. Catfolk in Greyhawk begin play speaking Common and Catfolk. catfolk with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following languages: any human language, Gnoll, Goblin, Sylvan, Tengu, and Yutu.



You may not bring luck to yourself, but you do bring luck to others. When an ally is surprised and you are not, you can alert them as an immediate action, making sure they are not surprised either.


You can use Nekode to devastating effect, gaining proficiency with these weapons. Nekode are artifical claws worn on the hands. In combat they function as the spiked gauntlet. When you use nekode, increase the damage dice by one category and gain a +2 trait bonus to Climb checks.


Acrobatics is a class skill for you. When using the Acrobatics skill to jump, you take only a +2 DC increase per foot you leap upwards, rather than the normal +4. This counts as assisted movement and does not stack with the benefits of assisted movement.

Slit Eyes

Perception is a class skill for you. When an enemy tries to move and remain hidden from you, you gain a +4 trait bonus to Perception to spot them.


You gain blindsense with a range of 5 ft.

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