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Tengu are the raven-folk of Nippon, as described in the SRD. These are Greyhawk traits for tengu.

Black Marketeer

You can find hot goods for sale. You gain a +5 trait bonus on Diplomacy checks to find black marketeers, and they tend trust you on first contact.

Carrion Eater

You may not literally eat carrion, but your dietary history is not something you like to discuss. You gain a +2 trait bonus on Fortitude saves against disease and ingested poisons.

Carrion Scent

Many tengus have a natural ability to sniff out carrion. While their sense of smell isn't as keen as that of other species, it is particularly attuned to the scent of death. You are not as acute as some tengu, but far better than most other races.

You have a limited scent ability, which only functions for corpses and cadavers. Taken as a trait, this does not replace any other racial ability.

Crow of Death

Intimidation is a class skill for you, you gain a +1 bonus on Intimidation checks, and you need not share a language with your victim to intimidate effectively.

Scrounging Crow

You can scrounge for items in the refuse near villages or larger settlements. Decide on the item you want to find and make a Perception check against the item's cost in silver pieces. Each attempt takes 10 minutes. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Perceptions checks, and Perception is a class skill for you.

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