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Orcs live all over Oerth, usually in small tribes. It takes an exceptionally strong leader to forge a nation of orcs, but they do exist in the Pomarj and Bone March. The Empire of Iuz also has a large orc population.

Orcs usually get along terribly with other races - except possibly goblinoids. Only in Zeif are orcs accepted into civilized society, and the orcs of Zeif are more enlightened than in other places.

Cultural Traits

Brutish, bullying, enduring.

Sexual Practices

Relationships outside culture/race, homosexuality, dominance, polygamy, sexual slavery, rape.




Orc families are based around submission; those who are weak submit to one that is stronger in hope for food and protection. Such families always have one alpha, who can have betas and gammas of either sex. The one relationship between orcs that is not based on domination is the one between mother/caretaker and child; orcs are fiercely protective of their young, and once grown care for their old caretakers, who often become shamans or advisers to successful orcs.


Crude and direct, with a streak for dominance, orcs prefer curses, buffs, and summoning magics.


Grumsh the one-euyed god leads a pantheon of lesser croonies and locally important tribal heroes.



Legacy of the Sand

Orc of Zeif (Racial): You are one of the few civilized orcs of Zeif. You speak Baklunish and gain a +2 trait bonus to Diplomacy and Knowledge (local) checks pertaining to the Baklunish.


Shamanic Domination (Racial): When casting Conjuration/summoning spells, you gain a +2 trait bonus to caster level.

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