Curse of the Crimson Throne

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The Curse of the Crimson Throne is an urban campaign in the capital of the Kingdom of Ahlissa. It is set in the World of Greyhawk but uses much of Golarion.

Dramatis Personae

  • Neya the shapeshifting cat furry
  • Jeanne the mysterious elf lost in time and space
  • Antyzak the arcanist extraordinaire
  • Zelnik the judge
  • Oz the gentleman-swordmaster

Progress of the War

Or, what is the king doing? (1d10)

Roll Result Endurance
1 Fighting rebel nobles 2
2 Clearing the roads 1
3 Fighting bandits 1
4 Fighting river pirates 1
5 Skirmish with Anduria 3
6 Skirmish with Nyrond 4
7 Skirmish with Adri Forest 5
8 Skirmish with the Kingdom of Sunni 2
9 Skirmish with the undead of Medegia 2
10 Skirmish with the Iron League 3

Each war escalates as it goes on; if the king is able to keep a war going long enough he can claim victory, but usually the focus of the war shifts by necessity as a new problem erupts. The Endurance column lists the number of times in a row the king must be campaigning against the same enemy in order to score a breakthrough and actually conquer some land.

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