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Since Candlekeep Mysteries is written for the Forgotten Realms and Tales of the Old Margrave in Kobold Press' Midgard and we play in the World of Greyhawk, conversions of terms and gods are needed.


Old Setting Greyhawk
Waterdeep Greyhawk City
Baldur's Gate Leukish
Cormyr Nyrond
Old Margrave Caledon Forest


Old Setting Greyhawk
Dragonborn Human of ethnicity other than Common


Forgotten Realms Greyhawk
Auril—Neutral evil goddess of winter. Vatun—Chaotic evil god of winter and raiding.
Azuth—Lawful neutral god of wizards. Wee Jas—Lawful neutral goddess of beauty, death, and magic.
Bane—Lawful evil god of tyranny Hextor—Lawful evil god of tyrrany.
Beshaba—Chaotic evil goddess of misfortune. Kurell—Chaotic evil god of jealousy, envy, and thievery
Bhaal—Neutral evil god of murder. Pyremius—Lawful evil god of fire and assassins.
Chauntea—Neutral good goddess of agriculture. Berei—Neutral good goddess of matriarchy and motherhood.
Cyric—Chaotic evil god of lies. Vecna—Neutral evil god of secrets.
Deneir—Neutral good god of writing. Delleb—Lawful good god of scribes and historians.
Eldath—Neutral good goddess of peace. Allitur—Lawful Good god of propriety and diplomacy.
Gond—True neutral god of craft and technology. Dalt —Chaotic Neutral god of craft and smithing
Helm—Lawful neutral god of protection. St. Cuthbert—Lawful neutral god of discipline, order, and labor.
Ilmater—Lawful good god of endurance. Zodal—Neutral good god of martyrs, messengers, and diplomacy.
Kelemvor—Lawful neutral god of the dead. Celene—Lawful neutral goddess of psychopomps and the small moon
Lathander—Neutral good god of birth and renewal. Pelor—Neutral good god of the sun, life, and fortune.
Liera—Chaotic neutral goddess of illusion. Olidarma—Chaotic neutral god of gaiety, wine, and gambling.
Lliira—Neutral good goddess of spring, romantic love, and innocence. Atroa—Chaotic good goddess of spring and the arts.
Loviatar—Lawful evil goddess of pain. Iuz—Chaotic evil god of terror.
Malar—Chaotic evil god of the hunt. Eruthnul—Chaotic evil god of destruction.
Mask—Chaotic neutral god of thieves. Norebo—Chaotic neutral god of gambling and thieves
Mielikki—Neutral good goddess of forests. Ehlonna—Neutral good goddess of forests, spring, and youth.
Milil—Neutral good god of music. Lirr —Chaotic good goddess of art.
Myrkul—Neutral evil god of death. Nerull—Neutral evil god of the dead and undead.
Mystra—Neutral good goddess of magic. Boccob—Neutral god of magic
Oghma—True neutral god of knowledge. Lydia—Neutral good goddess of instruction and music.
Savras—Lawful neutral god of divination and fate. Istus—Lawful neutral goddess of fate
Selûne—Chaotic good goddess of the moon. Luna—Chaotic neutral goddess of secrets, illusion, shadows and magic.
Shar—Neutral evil goddess of darkness and loss. Lolth—Chaotic evil goddess of darkness, intrigue, and prostitution.
Silvanus—True neutral god of wild nature Obad-Hai—True neutral god of nature, hunting, and weather.
Sune—Chaotic good goddess of love and beauty. Joramy—Chaotic good goddess of righteous rage and fiery temper.
Talona—Chaotic evil goddess of disease and poison. Incabolous—Neutral evil god of disease
Talos—Chaotic evil god of storms. Procan—Chaotic neutral god of the sea and storms.
Tempus—True neutral god of war. Kelanen—True neutral Hero-god of swords, sword skills, and balance.
Torm—Lawful good god of courage and self-sacrifice. Mayaheine—Lawful good goddess of knights and defender of civilization.
Tymora—Chaotic good goddess of good fortune and adventure. Rudd—Chaotic good goddess of skill and luck.
Tyr—Lawful good god of justice and heroism. Hieroneous—Lawful good god of chivalry.
Umberlee—Chaotic evil goddess of the sea. Xerbo—Chaotic neutral god of monsters and the ocean depths.
Waukeen—True neutral goddess of trade. Zilchus—Lawful neutral god of guilds, trade, and wealth.