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Neutral Good, Second Generation Oerdian god

Atroa the Spring Maiden is the daughter of Procan, one of the Oerdian wind gods but also honored in noble circles. She is the goddess of spring, romantic love, and innocence. As an Oerdian, she is also a capable warrior with her sling, tough her chief conquests are always hearts; in chivalry she is the patron of chaste romance and her clerics are explorers, diplomats, and entertainers. Some see her as an ascended mortal sponsored by Ehlonna.

Atroa (ah-TROH-ah) is one of the five Oeridian wind and agricultural deities fathered by Procan. Depicted as a fresh-faced blonde woman with an eagle perched on her shoulder, she once loved the god Kurell but was spurned by him for her sister Sotillion. She oversees the blessings of spring, including the opening of hearts to new prospects and the body to new horizons. Her sling Windstorm can strike the most distant foe, and her spherical glass talisman Readying's Dawn can melt ice within her line of sight. She is closest to her divine family and is indifferent to most other gods except Fharlanghn. Her holy symbol is a heart with an air-glyph within.

Spring is the time that the world awakens from her slumber by the invigorating breath of the east wind. Spring brings new life and love to the world, renews old friendships, and pulls on the heartstrings of lovers, poets, and travelers. It is a time for old things to be repaired, old feuds to be buried, and old biases to be discarded. Like the dawn, it presages great things to come; look to them with an open mind and heart so that they may be enjoyed to the fullest.

Clerics of Atroa are optimistic, willing to try new things; and rarely settle in one place for more than a year. They are forgiving and and take pride in turning foes into friends. They love returning to past friends almost as much as they relish any opportunity to travel and see new places. They enjoy exploring strange places, especially in spring after a winter's rest.

Alignment: NG

Weapon: Sling

Symbol: Heart with an air-glyph within.

Action Domain

Air, Life, Light, Plant, Spiritual.

Pathfinder domains

Air, Charm (Love), Good, Plant, Sun.

Pathfinder Trats

Pathfinder Obedience

Recite a children's song or rhyme from memory while weaving a small basket from willow branches and filling the basket with food, money, or other sources of comfort and hide it for children to find. Gain a +4 sacred bonus on saving throws against poison, disease, and ageing effects.


  1. Comfort of Faith (Sp) sanctuary 3/day, burst of radiance 2/day, or magic circle against evil 1/day
  2. Demanding Presence (Sp) You can cast silenced holy word once per day.
  3. Land of the Children (Sp) Your can cast magnificent mansion once per day. Children count as only 1/4 of a person for the purpose of the banquet, and the food and setting is made for children, including toys, play areas, dens, and so forth.