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Wee Jas is the Suel goddess of beauty, death, and magic. She is the most important lawful Suel divinity today. Wee Jas has had flirtations with evil over the ages, which is not a big thing the way the Suel see it. She also in a relationship with Norebo.

Wee Jas (WEE jas) is portrayed as a stunning woman dressed in a beautiful gown, wearing some piece of jewelry with a skull motif. She promotes the utilization of spells and magic items (though many of her Suel followers insist she favors the creation of such things). She gained her death aspect when the survivors of the Rain of Colorless Fire looked to their goddess of magic for assurance that the dead were being escorted to the afterworld. Her allies are the lawful Suel gods while the chaotic ones are her enemies (except Norebo, who is her lover despite their philosophical differences). She respects Boccob, dislikes the beauty goddess Myhriss, and ignores most other deities. Her symbol is a red skull, sometimes in front of a fireball.

Magic is the key to all things. Understanding, personal power, security, order, and control over fate come with the study of magic. Respect those who came before you, left their knowledge, and died to make room for you; there will come a time when your life is over and those who come after will honor your learning and your memory.

Clerics of Wee Jas arbitrate disputes, give advice on magic, investigate magical curiosities, create magic items, and administer funerals. The more powerful clerics use their magic to fortify their temple and city. Clerics of lower level are expected to defer to ones of higher level at all times. Her clerics must get her permission before restoring a weak or chaotic being to life.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral.

Weapon: Dagger.

Symbol: Red skull, sometimes in front of a fireball.

Pathfinder Domains

Death, Knowledge (Memory), Law, Magic (Arcane), Repose (Souls).

Pathfinder Traits

Obedience Speak the words of a spell that has had a significant effect on your fate, over and over, while studying your own face in a mirror. Meditate on how this spell has changed you, what you would like if this spell had not been, and finally on death and how this spell contributed to keeping you alive. At the culmination of your obedience, cast any spell or spell-like ability or activate a spell completion or spell trigger magic item. Gain a +4 sacred or profane bonus on concentration checks. The type of bonus depends on your alignment—if you’re neither good nor evil, you must choose either sacred or profane the first time you perform your obedience, and this choice can’t be changed.

Evangelist or Feat

  1. Arcane Essence (Sp) mage armor 3/day, false life 2/day, or speak with dead 1/day
  2. Arcane Eye (Sp) You can use arcane eye three times per day as a spell-like ability. The arcane eye you summon functions as if you had cast deathwatch and were able to view its information through the arcane eye.
  3. Beauty of Wee-Jas (Su) You gain a sacred or profane bonus to armor class equal to your Charisma bonus (minimum 1). The type of this bonus is the same as that granted by your obedience.


  1. Magical Essences (Sp) magic aura 3/day, misdirection 2/day, or arcane sight 1/day
  2. Atame (Su) You can deliver touch spells with a casting time of one standard action or longer through a dagger. Using this ability doesn’t change the casting time or other qualities of the spell, but you must make a throwing attack with your dagger against the target’s touch touch AC. You take normal range penalties on this attack. This allows you to deliver touch spells at range. Hit or miss, the dagger teleports back into your hand, holding the charge if you missed the attack roll.
  3. Pure Magic Aura (Su) You radiate an aura of the pure essence of magic. You can use this ability a number of rounds per day equal to 1 + 1 for every 4 Hit Dice you possess (maximum 6 rounds). These rounds don’t need to be consecutive, and you can activate and deactivate your aura as a free action. You and any allies within 20 feet of you increase your caster levels by 1d4. Roll this die when you activate this ability and use the same value for all who gain this benefit. The increase affects spell qualities (such as duration and number of targets) that rely on caster level, as well as caster level checks made to overcome spell resistance. The bonus caster levels don’t grant higher-level spell slots or cause the recipients to learn new spells.


  1. Magical Enhancer (Sp) magic weapon 3/day, arrow eruptionAPG 2/day, or vampire touch 1/day
  2. Strip Defences (Sp) Once per day when you hit an opponent with a melee attack, you can cast greater dispel magic with a caster level equal to your HD, as a free action that does not trigger attacks of opportunity.
  3. Wee-Jas's Protection (Su) A complex arcane sigil manifests on your skin. The location of this sigil varies by individual, but always appears in a place easily displayed. (Most commonly, the sigil appears on your upper chest.) While the sigil remains uncovered, you gain a deflection bonus to AC equal to 1 + 1 for every 4 Hit Dice you possess (maximum +6). You lose the deflection bonus if the sigil becomes obscured, but it returns once the sigil is made visible once again.

Action Domains

Death, Life, Magic, Order, Spiritual.