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Lolth is the fallen goddess in the Elven pantheon. Patron of the drow, queen of spiders, and goddess of the new moon, she is the eternal nemesis of Sehanine Moonbow.

In the Common pantheon Lolth is a goddess of prostitution, intrigue, and sex appeal, often depicted as a female drow of exaggerated proportions in slinky clothes few real drow would ever wear.

In Synchretism she is the goddess of darkness, intrigue, and murder. She has sponsored ascended mortals among other peoples, both humanoids and monsters. Among humans she is known as Kurell the Oerdian god of jealousy, revenge, and theft and Syrul the Suel goddess of Lies, deceit, and treachery.

Lolth (lohlth) appears as either a tall, beautiful female drow or as a black spider with a female drow’s head. She maintains a ruthless, tyrannical reign over the drow, ruling through a combination of fear and the promise of power. It was Lolth who first spread evil among the elves, and it was she who led the drow to break away from the rest of elven society and to dwell underground. Drow scoff at any attempt to suggest that they were banished from the surface. Nevertheless, Lolth has sworn vengeance against Corellon Larethian and his people.

Lolth constantly turns one drow against another. She claims to do this to cull out the weak and to make the race strong, but she is a cruel and capricious deity who enjoys watching others suffer. She is careful to prevent open or widespread strife among the drow. She does not tolerate campaigns of harassment or attrition among groups of drow, but she does sanction well-planned, swift, and overwhelming attacks.

Lolth expects her people to be shrewd, calculating, and aware of the dangers and opportunities around them. She has no use for sentiment, weakness, or love. She expects her people to rule the entire Underdark (the realm beneath the surface of the earth), eliminating foes that are weak enough to be destroyed and biding their time before attacking other opponents. She also expects them to eventually invade and conquer the surface, not to colonize it but to defeat Corellon Larethian and the surface elves.

Lolth rules her people through her clerics, who are exclusively female and organized into noble houses made up of clerics related by blood. The oldest clerics rule the house, with younger clerics following in order by age. Each house also includes noncleric drow related by blood or marriage. The clerics serve as absolute rulers in Lolth’s name. They are the leaders, police, juries, and executioners of drow society.

Nearly every drow home has at least a small shrine to Lolth, even if it is just a spider statue or modest altar. Larger temples to Lolth are usually laid out in the shape of a spider. They serve as meeting places, sacrificial sites, and centers of entertainment for high-ranking drow.

Lolth was said to have been slain about a hundred years ago, and was indeed absent from the world for about 30 years before reemerging. This was a hard time for the drow, and many drow strayed into worshiping other gods or demons during this time.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Weapon: Short Sword.

Symbol: Spider with a female drow head.

Action Domains

Animal, Darkness, Flux, Life, Spiritual.

Pathfinder Domains

Animal (Vermin), Charm (Lust), Darkness (Normal or Loss), Nobility, War (Tactics).

Pathfinder Traits

Pathfinder Obedience - Drow Cult

Bind a living creature so only a few key portions of anatomy (such as the belly, mouth, or eyes) remain exposed, allowing you to torment these exposed areas with needles, tiny knives, or poisonous vermin. Gain a +4 profane bonus on grapple checks and to CMD.


  1. Lolth's Embrace (Sp) animate rope 3/day, web 2/day, or snare 1/day
  2. Spider's Blessing (Sp) You can use poison and vermin shape II once per day each as spell-like abilities.
  3. Temporal Web (Sp) Once per day, you may use temporal stasis heightened to function as a 9th-level spell. The target of this ability appears to be wrapped tightly in spiderwebs. You can maintain up to three targets in a temporal web at a time—if you use this ability on a fourth target, you must select one of the other three targets to immediately release. This ability is the equivalent of an 9th-level spell.

Pathfinder Obedience - Surface Cult

Ingest a dose of psychedelic plants or fungi and engage in any number of sexual acts (either alone or with others), during which blood must be shed. Gain a +4 profane bonus on Sense Motive and saves against charm effects.

Boons- Surface Cult

  1. The Lady's Charms (Sp) charm person 3/day, darkness 2/day, or suggestion 1/day
  2. Instant Bodyguard (Sp) Three times per day, you can summon 1d4+1 phase spiders, as summon monster VII.
  3. Dominate Thrall (Sp) Once per day, you may cast dominate monster. You may only have one creature dominated at a time via this effect, but the effects are permanent until you dominate a new target, at which point the previous target is released from domination but is stunned for 1d4 rounds - usually enough time for your new dominee to kill it.

Antipaladin Code

Antipaladins of Lolth demand great things of others, and seek to emulate the spider queen in their manner. Most are women; their ranks are filled with those devoted to bloody vengeance and the shining lusts that spark it. Their tenets include the following adages.

  • My life is my path, and none will sway me from it.
  • I devote myself to the pursuit of my passions.
  • I take what I desire, by trick or by force. If others resent my actions, they may attempt to take vengeance against me.
  • All slights against me will be repaid tenfold.
  • I take time enjoying my pawns and prizes, like the spider cocoons her victims.
  • I am the instrument of my own justice. If I am wronged, I will take vengeance with my own hands.