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Sehanine, called the moonbow, is the mother-goddess of the elves and the current consort of Corellon Larethian. She is the guardian of the moon-paths the elves use to travel to their mystic homeland, the goddess of the full moon, of dreams, and of death.

In Synchretism Sehanine is seen to as the moon Luna and as the Flan love-goddess Myhiss. Her most famous sponsored godlings are Wee Jas, the Suel goddess of death and magic. Xan Yae is the Baklunish patroness of stealth, self-discipline, and psionics. Hanali Celanil is an elven goddess of romance and beauty. Wenta is the Oerdian goddess of autumn, harvest, west wind, and brewing.

Sehanine (SAY-hah-neen) appears as a youthful and ageless female elf wearing a diaphanous flowing gown of moonbeams, using her magic and wands to stun foes or put them into deep sleep. The wife of Corellon Larethian, Sehanine shed tears that mingled with his blood and formed the first elves. She watches over elves' spirits on their journey from death to the afterlife. As a moon goddess she is also responsible for dreams, omens, and illusions, but protects her faithful against lunacy. Her symbol is a full moon topped by a crescent-shaped haze.

Life is a series of mysteries whose secrets are veiled by Sehanine. As the spirit transcends its mortal limits and discovers new mysteries, it achieves a higher state and the cycle of life continues. Through dreams and visions revealed in sleep and reverie, she unveils the next step along the path and the next destination in the cycle of life and death. Revere the mysterious moons, for they pull on the soul of each being like tides.

Sehanine's clerics are seers and mystics, serving as spiritual counselors to elves and half-elves who embark on journeys in search of enlightenment and transcendence. They serve her aspect as guardian of the dead by administering funeral rights and guarding the remains of the fallen; they consider undead to be a blasphemy. They create illusions to guard elven lands and strongholds, and cast divinations to discover potential threats to their communities. They adventure to discover lost arcane knowledge, particularly that of divination and illusion.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.

Weapon: Composite longbow.

Symbol: Full moon topped by a crescent-shaped haze.

Action Domains

Flux, Illusion, Life, Spiritual, Water.

Pathfinder Domains

Chaos (Protean), Community, Darkness (Moon), Madness, Magic (Arcane).

Pathfinder Domains

Pathfinder Obedience

Drape yourself in gauze and gaze at the moon, mists, water, or some other chaotic, amorphous thing to break up your thought patterns and give you inspiration. Gain a +4 sacred bonus on saving throws against illusion effects and curses.


  1. Kaleidoscopic Images (Sp) color spray 3/day, hypnotic pattern 2/day, or gaseous form 1/day
  2. Wispy Form (Su) Your body becomes misty when you are under attack, diluting the damage of edged weapons. You gain DR 5/bludgeoning.
  3. Terrible Reverie (Sp) You can cast weird once per day.