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The Anumus can be used for other furries of Nippon, but with a different background. Those most fitting for Nippon are:

  • Avian - Raptors
  • Canine - Dogs and wolves
  • Equine - Horses
  • Feline - Great cats
  • Ophidian - Constrictor snakes
  • Porcine - Boars and pigs
  • Reptile - Lizards
  • Ursine - Bears

The anumus of Nippon do not have the supernatural backgrounds of the original race, rather they are sub-species of humans and use human traits. They have human lifespans and starting ages, and are considered by most to be very similar to humans and fully integrated.

Anumus in Greyhawk begin play speaking Common. Animus with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following: any human language, Catfolk, Celestial, Grippli, Tengu, Vanara, Yutu.

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